Will the government treat Toyota different than … let’s say Chrysler?

It’s a fair question to ask, especially since Americans now have billions and billions of dollars invested in GM and Chrysler. The feds becoming a player in an otherwise private industry – while writing the rules – probably should be a concern.

Gee, did we hear any comment about Chrysler’s (Jeep Commander) Safety Recall H19 from Congress? Any demand for Congressional hearings? Has the CEO been summoned to a committee room with TV cameras and lights?

I’m just saying…

Dear: [Name]
This notice is sent to you in accordance with the requirements of the National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act.

Chrysler has decided that a defect, which relates to motor vehicle safety, exists in some 2006 model year Jeep® Commander vehicles equipped with a 4.7L engine.

The problem is…
The Powertrain Control Module on your Jeep (VIN: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) was programmed with software that may allow the engine to stall under certain operating conditions. This can cause a crash without warning.

Here’s a scan of a recall notice sent to Jeep owners (and a PDF).

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  1. donh
    donh says:

    The merger of government and large corporations is fascism . That is the blunt fact of the matter. We have these relations to a milder extent when  treasury employees cut deals to help former Wall Street employers. Then there is the practice of awarding earmarks and contracts to campaign  cronies. These are all intrinsicly facsistic and corrupt relationships that merge the political class with  select private sector busineses. The outright ownership of the auto industry by the government just makes a more blatant assault on freedom, liberty, equal rights and equal opportunities in america . There can be no fair competition when large corporations are transformed  into government owned and protected cartels. The little guy on the outside of power will always get squeezed into paying more for a lower quality product with no where else to turn. This is what will happen to your healthcare if the  left has their evil plans realized.

  2. dom
    dom says:

    Simply put, invalid comparison. How many cars does the chrysler recall pertain to?  24,400. Toyota? 2.3 million. I think you may be trying too hard, and misleading in the the process.

    • Steve McGough
      Steve McGough says:

      You're absolutely correct about the number of cars. That said, my original question stands. Will the government – who sets the rules and punishes as it see fit – treat other car manufactures different since now it owns a significant chunk of two of them?

      Simply asked a question and added a bit of sarcasm.

      • dom
        dom says:

        "Simply asked a question and added a bit of sarcasm."

        Oh come on, you must take yourself more seriously than that…

        You tried to connect dots that have no business being connected and underlined the public threat in red.

        It would seem that the answer to your question, at least so far, is no.

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