Wikileaks to the US Military: Hey! We need your help to rat on your friends

What more needs to be said. The Editor in Chief of the Wikileaks, the internet site that obtained and then published more than 90,000 top secret US military documents on the Afghan war, tells Andrea Mitchell, he needs help deciphering all the stuff he’s collected. Attention. On your feet. The left needs your help.

Julian Assange, who also told Mitchell he likened himself to the police, looking to obtain justice for the innocent, said he has been unable to analize all of the documents because he and his fellow journolisters at the NY Times and Globe just don’t have the knowledge to figure them out. It’s his hope some military people and intelligence experts will step to the plate and help them figure it out. Catch the number of documents he and his journolist gang have been able to translate and remember there are actually more than 100,000 documents.


No doubt, he’s a hero. Now if only he actually had the stuff to actually know what he’s talking about. Ironically he defended the leak because it was raw data and therefore was more dependable then the after AMerican analysts could “massage them. Now he’s the guy looking for help analyzing them. But not all of them. He told Andrea he held back some documents to protect his “Afghanistan sources”. This guy is too much.

UPDATE: Thought you might like this one. He likens himself to the police protecting the innocent. Yup, just like the police. A veritable hero.


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  1. gillie28
    gillie28 says:

    Julian-baby has been lapping up media attention in Europe.  He's an anarchist, brought up by my peers (peace activitsts) and lives like a nomad – hopping from neutral country, to neutral country with a backpack, and hosted by like-minded anarchists.  Hey, like my mother says (paraphrased) the Americans should just waste him!!!

    p.s. I heard him on BBC this morning stating that he doesn't know his souces, but only "verifies" their information…interesting concept, but totally bogus!!!

    • Anne-EH
      Anne-EH says:

      Just read your comments and all I can say is that it is anarchists like Julian Assange, and I am using the term "anarchists" in a very mild manner that as I had told Jim on the phone this morning will put not only our military men and women who are serving the USA in Afghanistan such as my nephew-in-law in harm's way of being killed, but also everyday folks like Jim, you, and I in danger of another attack if Afghanistan fall back into taliban control. This would also include people in the country or countries this Mr. Assange live or lives in as well.

  2. Bolder63
    Bolder63 says:

    I am surprised no one mentions that the man is a 'former' computer hacker.  He is a criminal with an axe to grind against the United States.  He wants to show our troops as murdering innocent civilians.  We should remember no country tries harder to prevent civilian casualties in combat zones then we do, our enemies place no such rules of engagement on themselves.


  3. NH-Jim
    NH-Jim says:

    Julian Assange is aiding and abetting our enemy.  Therefore, he is our enemy and must be eliminated.  He has put my and your lives in greater jeopardy.  He is a modern-day Bendict Arnold.  Assange fails to recognize that we are still at war.  War is hell, war is ugly, war is indiscriminate.  By his and his cohorts actions, they have now killed more Afghan civilians than the coalition forces ever have.

  4. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    So Assange is " looking to obtain justice for the innocent"?  Let's see.  He is throwing hundreds of Afghans, and no doubt their families, to the Taliban wolves.  So much for innocent Afghanis.  His actions will inevitably result in more deaths of American and NATO soldiers.  So much for the troops.  He is throwing the U.S. under the bus, so nothing there.  He is doubtless contributing to the demise of the newly democratic Afghan government.  So much for and  innocent democracy trying to get on its feet.


    So who does that leave?  Who, besides our self proclaimed "hero", will benefit from this?  Ummm, lessee,  ahhh, the Taliban and Al Queda?


    I think a good punishment would be to give him to the Afghan government and let them decide.  They know how to deal with traitors.  Or give him to the soon to be widows and orphans of the Afghan informers, should they survive his "generosity".

  5. Anne-EH
    Anne-EH says:

    Julian Assange, IMHO, is an ENEMY not only of the USA for what he did, leak out via his website, Wikileaks, but an ENEMY of the west and all other freedom-loving peoples everywhere. Mr. Assange, you are NO POLICE OFFICER. A true police officer not only enforces the law, he/she obeys those very laws that he or she enforces. Also Mr. Assange, I had asked myself the very same question, truly you are not a Matt Drudge. At least Matt Drudge was and is at the present time professional in his website journelism. What this Wikileaks site has done not only darken the good name of good websites not only of this one, RVO, but of my own blog and all of websites which presents news and views, but ACT in a professional manner. The big concern I have is that it will increase pressure for greater controls of the internet.

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