Why Wyndeward Blogs

Dave was one of the first invited to become a contributor for this site. And now we know why. He sets the agenda at Investors Business Daily. Two days ago Yesterday Dave wrote this in a post on Barney Frank, entitled “Chutzpah” :

Once upon a time, I seem to recall Barney telling us that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were “fundamentally sound.”  Now he’s out there telling us “happy endings are still possible despite economic mess.”

Today IBD has an editorial “Let The Inquisition Start With Frank” … but here’s what caught my eye:

Even by the extraordinarily loose standards of Congress, it takes some chutzpah for someone such as Frank to suggest that he’ll seek prosecutions for those behind the housing and financial crunch and for what he called “a strongly empowered systemic risk regulator.”
For Frank, perhaps more than any single individual in private or public life, is
responsible for both the housing market mess and subsequent bank disaster.
And no, this isn’t partisan hyperbole or historical exaggeration.

We agree with IBD … and of course Dave. H/T Hotair