Why business won’t hire, or expand, or …. UPDATE: Hardee’s CEO Video

Granted this is from House Republicans but the testimony is revealing. Ed Morrissey was up late blogging last night and posted this gem. Something to think about while you a) look for a job, or b) try to hang on to your job.

Now that Republicans control the House, which means they also run the committees, they can begin looking into some of the policies by Pres. Obama that may or may not be restricting the economy. One of the policies that seems to be getting in the way of business the most is the uneven application of regulations on businesses. Why it’s almost as if they make the rules up as they go wrong because they’re trying to accomplish something.

Republicans wanted to know why businesses were not expanding or hiring workers.  No question one of the reasons his lack of demand. But in this video you hear from small businesses who say they have little choice but to deal with them unwieldy government because banks won’t lend and the only alternative is a government loan. “Significant restrictions on credit based on the inconsistency of regulators.”


Here’s Ed’s take:

The problem isn’t that investors of all classes don’t want to “bet on America.” It’s that the Obama administration, with its expansion of regulations and increasingly arbitrary enforcement of same, has made the American economy a bad bet. Thanks to aggressive regulation, whimsical waivers, and demand for higher taxes on the investor class, anyone thinking about spending capital on business expansion in the US instead is inclined to wrap their arms around their capital instead. If investors thought they could make money by investing in this environment, they’d already be doing so.

If I were running for office Ed’s quote would be in every speech I gave. For your listening pleasure.


UPDATE: Want more reasons why business won’t hire and how Obama is getting in the way. Listen to these two very special minutes from CKE restaurants CEO Andy Puzder explain the obstacles the WH has put in the way.


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  1. TomTGRWolcott
    TomTGRWolcott says:

    Making up rules as they go along, right?? What a great way to control industry, expansion…that’s the goal right…to control, dominate…isn’t that what this administration is about?? Its easier to to control first then it is afterwords right?? Why let the cat out of the bag a when you can tie it up .. cause once the cat is out of the bag before the made up rules are made, who knows what damage it could cause…it surely could be a costly mess for the administration.

  2. cclighthouse
    cclighthouse says:

    I was one of a huge group of people laid off of my job with a large corp. here in CT.? Some of the pressure of continuous law suits against the co. by our last AG who is now a SENATOR. ? I am looking for more work and I am not taking unemployment compensation. I am a manager and I actually want to work.? I do not want to work under the table and I’m not worried about getting my government food stamps, welfare and unemployment.? I don’t want to be dependent on the government for my welfare.? I get it! ? George Orwell 1984? :(?? Freebies only make U LAZY & STUPID!

  3. Lynn
    Lynn says:

    How much more simple can Andy Puzner make it. He spells it out so that any 6th grader can understand the problem. Does President Obama have anyone working on his economic policy that has been schooled past the 6th grade? Why is Fox the only news channel that airs this? I am sick of this bubble.? Ok I feel better, needed to vent again.

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