Who’s Your Daddy?

I have a friend from Nashville, TN who frequently refers to her husband as “Big Daddy”. Big Daddy is a great guy … but it sure scares the dickens out of me when the Federal Government portrays itself as “Big Daddy”.

From yesterday’s press conference on the signing of the new SCHIP program that expands coverage to even more “children”. Who’s your “Big Daddy”?


Kinda tugs at your heart strings doesn’t it, knowing that Big Daddy government has now assumed the role of Daddy in our lives. Health care is no longer a parent’s responsibility … it’s the role of government. But the program is quickly becoming a boondoggle. The children aren’t all children.

Even the State Children’s Health Insurance Program is a deceiving title as, according to Investor’s Business Daily, 10% of “children” now enrolled are adults.

and no longer poor

The federal government gives SCHIP dollars out as block grants which the states must match with tax revenues. States may get permission to increase the level to 400% above the poverty line, or up to $80,000 plus per year. According the The Galen Institute, a family making $100,000 per year may be eligible by the use of “income disregards”, a subtraction of yearly costs for such things as utility bills, mortgage payments and even food costs.

Just remember …. when you abdicate your responsibility, you longer have any say.

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  1. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    Big Daddy?  I was thinking more along the lines of Big Brother!

    More incrementalism.  Nothing is fatal in small doses, but sometimes, the doses are additive…

  2. Rick-WH
    Rick-WH says:

    Just what we need, the enlargement of another large Federal program that doesn't work.

    Does anybody bother to know how poorly the existing Federal medical plans are doing?

    Why does government always think that it can be made better if it is made bigger.

    Does this ever work in government, business, personal life?  Generally not.

    Maybe if it get big enough, they can resort to "it's too big to fail" mentality.

    Oh brother.

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