Whistleblower Iranian physician dead

Well isn’t this just grand. Twenty-six year old Iranian prison doctor Ramin Pourandarjani who went public with reports of torture and murder after the recently-squashed Iranian revolution is dead after a car accident. Or is it a heart attack. Or maybe suicide. Or maybe he was poisoned.

Yeah. You’ve got to question what goes on over there. From the Associated Press, with a hat tip to Pamela at Atlas Shrugs.

An Iranian doctor who went public with reports of tortured protesters he treated at Tehran’s most feared detention facility dies, amid conflicting reports of a heart attack, a car accident or suicide — raising opposition accusations that the 26-year-old was killed.

Revelations that protesters detained in Iran’s postelection crackdown were tortured, some to death, were a deep embarrassment to the country’s clerical rulers. Dr. Ramin Pourandarjani was pressured to change the death certificate of one of the most well known victims and later spoke to a parliament commission investigating the abuse, opposition Web sites reported. …

Hanif Mazroui, a reporter for the opposition news Web site Roozonline, said he was contacted by a doctor earlier this week who told him Pourandarjani had committed suicide. The doctor, a colleague of Pourandarjani, later called Mazroui back and said the cause of death was “suspicious, and (authorities) are not making it public,” Mazroui told The Associated Press. …

At first, authorities announced that Pourandarjani had a heart attack in his sleep. Then they claimed he died of poisoning. Late Monday, the office of Tehran’s general prosecutor Abbas Dowlatabadi said “preliminary autopsy revealed he did not die of poisoning.” …

[T]he elder Pourandarjani received a call from the commander of Tehran’s security forces informing him that his son was in a car accident with a broken leg and needed his consent to have surgery. When he traveled to Tehran, “we found out that that wasn’t the case,” the father said. …

Oh yeah. Clear as mud.

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  1. Dimsdale on November 19, 2009 at 11:57 am

    You know, if you are going to "off" somebody, at least get your stories straight.  These guys are as inept as the Obama administration…

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