Where did all the Hurricane Katrina Cash Go?

Third post in a matter of hours. Sorry about this, but… what they heck is going on in New Orleans?

NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana (CNN) — New Orleans has yet to rebuild a single fire station more than two years after Katrina destroyed or damaged 22 of the city’s 33 firehouses. Appalled by the city’s lack of action, an actor is leading the way in reconstruction of the fire stations.

Without city help, firefighters have resorted to repairing their stations along with volunteer carpenters. “I gave up on ever hoping that politicians in this country — local, state or federal — would step in to help these guys,” actor Dennis Leary told CNN.

Hundreds of billions of dollars have been handed out in this portion of the country and they can’t even get the fire stations fixed up?

Blaming Bush and FEMA is now OFF THE TABLE. Don’t even go there. Dennis Leary is making a valiant effort in this case, but he should be going after the fools who are running that dump of a city. The federal government handed the city billions and told them that the local people need to step up, come up with a solid plan and implement it. They failed, and now Leary expects Bush or FEMA to come in and fix it?

Not acceptable and a perfect example of what can happen in a liberal city, run by Democrats. I thought New Orleans was a liberal paradise?