What will the State of the Union address?

In January, Pew Research conducted a telephone poll asking the public what their top priorities were.  Here are the results.

The top five policy issues that concern Americans are, in descending order,

  • strengthening the economy
  • improving the job situation
  • reducing the budget deficit
  • defending against terrorism, and,
  • making Social Security sound.

Those all sound like familiar topics, and, at least to me, quite important for our President to address.

The bottom five policy issues that concern Americans are, in descending order,

  • dealing with illegal immigration
  • strengthening gun laws
  • dealing with global trade
  • improving infrastructure, and, last, but not least,
  • dealing with global warming.

Anyone have any guesses which of the above policy issues the President will deem as his priorities in his State of the Union Address on Tuesday?


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  1. Plainvillian
    Plainvillian says:

    Let’s see, Bin Laden is dead so terrorism is no longer an issue, and the jobs council has completed it’s work so jobs growth and the economy must be okay, and Paul Krugman assures us the deficit is not a problem, and we all know Democrats will never harm Social Security so my guess is we’ll hear another campaign speech.? “Forward!”

  2. stinkfoot
    stinkfoot says:

    The fact that President Demagogue is to deliver a state of the union address instead of invoking his fifth amendment right against self incrimination in answering charges related to Fast and Furious and the Benghazi debacle is beyond profane.? To me this administration AND congress are illegitimate but apathy and inattention are enabling the continued destruction of the constitution.? Treason + President = Treasodent.? Impeach Treasodent Obama.

  3. Vizionmusic
    Vizionmusic says:

    There IS always the possibility that Obumma’s chopper will have a malfunction?? THAT would be- og GEESE!! Then BIDEN would be prez!!

  4. ricbee
    ricbee says:

    My five: Outlawing abortion;reforming tax code(flat tax);freezing the Debt Ceiling;enforcing our immigration laws;term limits.

  5. stinkfoot
    stinkfoot says:

    He will pay meaningless lip service to living within our means and job creation then prattle on about making the country safe for future generations (to pay HIS bills) by reforming gun laws aka taxing gun holders into abandoning the second amendment- invoking Sandy Hook and likely having in attendance the disposable prop in the form of a classmate or family member or two for the exploitable value.? Immigration and climate change will almost certainly flash on his teleprompter as well.? I’m sure the buzz words, “global community” are to be included in the context.

  6. Lynn
    Lynn says:

    It doesn’t make any difference what he says. He says things that appeal to enough to keep his popularity in tact. It is what he actually does, that is important. The sheep are asleep, and just ask to be fed and housed, the more helpless you become, the more you shall receive.

  7. Eric
    Eric says:

    I think that the girl-president is more likely to focus on himself in the address. ?The man cannot put two words together without patting himself on the back… which is why I don’t bother listening to him anymore. ?Every time he speaks he’s lying about something that has or will happen. ?It’s this lack of trust that fully turns me off to the guy!

  8. SeeingRed
    SeeingRed says:

    It doesn’t?what he blathers about?- I won’t tuned in.? Will flip over a few times around 9:45 to see if Rubio has started yet.? In his place, I’ll be watching:
    *Gilligan reruns
    *the Food Network
    *the inside of my eyelids
    *Weather Channel – ‘when weather makes news’

  9. JBS
    JBS says:

    “It behooves me at this opportunity to thank myself and praise myself. Yes. Without me, none of this would have been possible. I . . . “

  10. dennis
    dennis says:

    There is one thing he will mention over and over and that is how he has taken us out of the recession and how well everything is now and how he inherited a mess much worse than they thought and that its all George’s fault. He has only been president for 2 months, the last 4 years were George Bush’s 3rd term.

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