What We Believe Part 5 – Gun Rights

Bill Whittle has an other video from his What We Believe series up tonight, and it’s on gun rights. I missed last week’s video (part 4) concerning natural law last weekend and will try to get to that tomorrow, but for now, here’s your TEA Party fix for a late Saturday night.

If you’re interested in other gun facts specific to data from the last decade or so, check out Guy Smith’s Gun Facts website. You can find Whittle’s videos over at his You Tube channel.


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  1. PatRiot
    PatRiot says:

    More great common sense stuff.

    I'm getting flashbacks of bumperstickers: "Keep your laws off of my rights", 

    Things that make you go HMMM…..  If my right to free speech knows no town, or state boundary, why not my right to protect myself?"

    Is there a life insurance discount for law abiding gun onwers?

    If trouble is at your door, you have called 911 and you cannot protect yourself – what will you do while you wait for your fine P.D. ?    

  2. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    Consider this: lefties are afraid of the Bill of Rights and individual rights.


    Evidence, you ask?  To wit:


    1)  They are afraid of free speech, unless it is their free speech (case in point: Fox news and political "correctness".  Remember the "Fairness Doctrine"?  It is the same kind of fairness that they mete out in the "progressive" tax system.


    2) They are afraid of guns, unless it is guns that work for them or are controlled by them.  They don't trust people to make their own decisions or protect themselves, even though only 0.2% of gun related crimes are committed by legal gun owners (check the FBI stats).


    3)  They don't trust blacks or women that stray off the liberal plantation.  The list is far too long to print here.  In fact, they are viciously attacked in ways that they falsely accuse conservatives of using.


    4) They don't assume that we can save for our own retirement.  Social Security is a Ponzi scheme that even the most miserable of saving accounts can beat on returns.


    5) They assume that we can't shop for our own health care or buy our own insurance.  Øbamacare.


    6) They can't win in the arena of ideas, so they jam unpopular legislation down our throats.  Or, in the case of Bridgeport, make sure the we select the "right" candidate.


    7) They don't think we can make any decisions for ourselves, down to selecting food we like or driving cars we need.   Got any black market potato chips?  Know were a Slurpee speakeasy can be found?  😉


    The list goes on, but liberalism and the socialism it breeds, is all about what people aren't allowed to do, the death of individual rights and freedoms, and it snuffs out innovation, entrepreneurialism, and, eventually, the country in which it infects.  Conservatism, or more specifically, capitalism, is freedom that is equitable to raw democracy.  Yes, it needs some limits, which is why we don't have a democracy here, but the overburdening of taxes, mandates, legislative restrictions, effective takeovers, i.e. socialism, only snuffs out the good and replaces it with the bad.


    Most lefty beliefs and laws are based on, or perpetuate, infantilism of the populace (thank you, Daniel Hannan) under their "learned" and "compassionate" maternalism (and increase their power at the same time) in the pursuit of a risk free society, to which I say, NO THANKS!"  Ask yourself why the bluest of states have the most miserable urban blight and highest rents.


    I think I am going to go out an buy another gun this week!

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  3. Odonna
    Odonna says:

    My brother-in-law out in Wyoming tells me he's the kind of guy who has 21 guns and 1 white shirt.  And he's been thinking lately that maybe he should get himself another… gun.   Gotta love the mountain west.

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