What do the simple folk do? Plus Nancy’s enormous gavel

Clearly this was meant to play into yesterday’s charges that Tea Party protesters shouted racial and sexual slurs at Congressmen as they walked into the Capitol yesterday.

I still have found no one who can verify this, other than the targets themselves,which is important, because with so much at stake, these kind of charges have been flying for almost a year. That being said, if it happened as charged, it’s disgusting, and like it or not, the media and the Democrats will seize on this to not only brand the entire Tea Party, but turn this bill into a “civil rights” issue. Which by the way is what Queen Pelosi did today.

Walking past protesters shouting kill the bill, Queen Nancy let the “People” know who was in charge. And with an eeeenormous gavel like that, who’s to argue. Especially with Lord Larson running interference for her majesty. Update Note: I left in Megyn Kelly, who notes Pelosi did not have to walk through the crowd of protesters. Arrogance!


What do the simple folk do …. now?

Bonus video … Megyn Kelly comments on the gavel. Perfect.


It’s for the people. No, actually … the people told you on the way in … “Kill The Bill”!

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  1. donh
    donh says:

    When you hear fraudulant use of the race card being played you know thay have taken this bill from battle spead, past attack speed, all the way to RAMMING SPEED…..

  2. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    I think we all know that the Democrats see, and now hear, racism around every corner, and they are not above planting stooges in the crowd to do their dirty work.


    I want to see the evidence.  Their word is not nearly good enough.  I believe the good folks in the crowd would have put a stop to that if it actually occurred.


    Are rotten tomatoes considered assault?

  3. cherwin
    cherwin says:

    Nasty Nancy taunted the people on purpose because that's who she is. A big self important ass. She is a legend in her own mind.

    The bigger they think they are the harder they fall and I can't wait for her day. It will come because no one gets away with lies and deceit. In the end they pay and she will along with all her partners in crime. May they all go down in a ball of fire and toss her gavel in to get it really hot.

    If racism is coming out, it's because Obama has created it. We all know what he is all about. He is not for the people of America. He is only for certain people and he is all about making hard working people give up what they have and give it to his people.

    I have never felt this way until now so bring it Obama, I will not shy away from the truth.

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