What? Today’s Hardball Moment

Today’s Chris Matthews moment. “Will Republicans get the message from America and vote for it.” No, really, listen. Andrea Mitchell N B C News … tried to pull him back off the ledge a bit at the end … but not with much conviction.


Just for your info … here is the latest poll from CBS News.

The CBS News poll suggests that Americans may be agreeing with Republican arguments on the stimulus when it comes to a choice between tax cuts or increased government spending. Fifty-nine percent of those questioned say tax cuts for business are the best way to end the recession, with 22 percent feeling that more government spending is the way to go.

Oh from the same poll … I don’t get this … but perception is reality:

Eighty-one percent told CBS interviewers that they think Obama is generally reaching out to congressional Republicans in an attempt at bipartisanship. But only four in 10 think that congressional Republicans are returning the favor, compared with 49 percent who believe that congressional Democrats are attempting to be bipartisan.

Maybe its the way the question was worded … but even Pelosi admits … hey .. screw bipartisanship. Republicans have a long climb back to win back the people.

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  1. Darlene
    Darlene says:

    It is dumbfounding to me.  The media and the public polled on this (they didn't poll me) conflict in ways I hear everyday by Obama supporters.  People praise Obama for his efforts, his "saintly" attempt to right the world, they fault the Republicans for not helping and supporting him.  I have yet to find one person who will tell me they support this stimulus package, they don't want it, they think it is an excessive spending bill (as do I).   Yet those very people will fight tooth and nail to say Obama is doing the right thing here and the Republicans are being obstructionists.  Dumbfounding, startling and yes, sometimes scary.

  2. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    The more the contents of this bill are revealed, the more people dislike it.

    Slowly, slowly, they are starting to realize that none of their so called representatives in Congress read it, and they are starting to also realize that this is a political bill more than any sort of stimulus bill.  Add to that Obama's ever increasing rhetoric in support of it (without specifics as usual, indicating he never read it either)  and you see Obama's thin veneer of gravitas cracking like an egg.

    I am greatly disturbed by the media's attempt (complicit with the Obama administration) to invent a mandate for Obama.  He won by a thin majority.  If you want to see a mandate, see Reagan's victory over Carter.

  3. davis
    davis says:

    Who was alive when Reagan won against Carter? Still carrying a torch after 28 years! The world has not changed at all since then, ah?

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