We’ve changed our name New England, but we’re still … ACORN

Like Freddie or a bad penny, they just won’t go away. Despite numerous federal investigations and a series of videos that exposed unethical behavior (among them, one showing ACORN employees facilitating under age prostitution) … these “Community” organizers, aka Obama Get Out The Vote Campaign, ACORN has just rebranded itself … and yes, here in New England too.

Apart from Communities United, ACORN chapters in 12 states have reorganized themselves into 11 new organizations. The largest appear to be Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment, New York Communities for Change, and New England United for Justice (Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island).

Just so you remember, ACORN in New England = New England United for Justice. I would imagine, it’s justice for everyone except 15 year old Central American girls who are forced into prostitution. Not to mention this:

ACORN Housing is under investigation by HUD.

ACORN received some unwanted publicity in recent weeks when a video surfaced showing ACORN Chief Executive and chief organizer Bertha Lewis openly praising socialism and referring to the Tea Party as a “bowel movement” filled with racists.

Although ACORN leaders typically refuse to be labeled as socialists because they realize the term has a negative connotation in American culture, ACORN’s manifesto, the “People’s Platform,” explicitly endorses massive redistribution of wealth, along with a crackdown on bankers and forcing corporations to put poor people on their corporate boards.

Remember, Congress cut funding to ACORN for a reason. Via CapitolReport.

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  1. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    ACORN, by any other name, will still attract flies.  And you know what flies produce…..

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