Were this a real emergency, you would hear…

or, maybe you wouldn’t.

I’m sure you are familiar with the Emergency Alert System (EAS).  These interruptions show up on radio and television periodically, with a loud high pitched sound, followed up by a voice telling you…this is only a test, and were it a real emergency…

FEMA today conducted its first ever nationwide test of the EAS at 2 pm.  In theory, wherever you were in the country, and whatever you were listening to, would be interrupted by the aforesaid high pitched sound, and a message.

In practice, however, it didn’t work.  This from CBS News:

… it appears there were problems with the audio message. Some viewers reported seeing the alert, however, several radio listeners reported hearing nothing but dead air for 30 seconds. Others reported hearing a garbled message.

The extent of the problem is not known as “participants” have 45 days to report to FEMA the results of the test.

But, here is what I know.  EAS has been in place for decades.  FEMA scheduled the test weeks ago so every station knew their broadcasting would be interrupted at 2 pm today.

And it still didn’t work.

Not to worry, though I am confident that the government will be able to run our nation’s health care system smoothly and efficiently…giving each”participant” 45 days to report their own death.


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  1. cherwin
    cherwin says:

    LOL? Yea, that sounds about right. 45 days to report your own death~~ although that may be pushing it a little. Ya know, these things take time.

  2. NH-Jim
    NH-Jim says:

    When it comes to healthcare by these clowns, the EAS sound will be replaced with the popular EKG flat line sound: Bweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  3. JBS
    JBS says:

    Zero could sign an executive order to spend a bunch of billions of dollars fixing the problem. But, oh, the fix would only be good for a year and, what the heck, no one would “donate” any of the money back to the DNC. Why bother? The regime really doesn’t want you to know anything anyway.
    Emergency? Not here! We don’t need no stinken’ emergency.

  4. GdavidH
    GdavidH says:

    I saw on the news last night that some listeners actually heard a muffled Lady GaGa song.

    How does that happen??

    • NH-Jim
      NH-Jim says:

      Well, Lady Gaga is an O supporter, big time.? I just wonder why she was muffled?
      “Why doesn’t the government do something about it?”
      “Well, after all, they’re only people!”
      “People, my foot, they’re Democrats”
      Heee-hee-heee.? Some times Karma comes back in such subtle ways.

  5. Benjamin Less
    Benjamin Less says:

    Oddly, the “Noon Siren” which sounds each day still functions in my town.? It was thought in the day to be the “alarm” to wake the town drunks and 3rd shift workers.? Thinking back it may have to do with civil defense.? Who is going to have a radio on or TV in the middle of sleep?? Who will have the luxury of having one on in their work office atmosphere?? I think we should go back to the basics.? “Sound the sirens” seems to be the RIGHT thing to do!

    • Lynn
      Lynn says:

      As Sargent Schultz from “Hogan’s Hogan” would say, I hear nothink….nothink. And I agree with Benjamin Less, sound the sirens. The Feds are such morons.

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