We’re giving al Qaeda the moral high ground

I am not sure how an American, even one who works for Human Rights Watch, can believe that an organization that beheads, burns and otherwise brutally murders women and children, not to mention any soldier they capture, could possible think America is ceding the “high ground” by not closing Gitmo.


My soldier friends assure me that people like this will eventually cost America lives. Oops, I guess I just ceded the moral high ground again.

Cause Lord knows, if we just let them out of Gitmo American will be safer and more loved.

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  1. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    Yup, Cavuto is an Ozombie magnet. 

    Do these people realize how they sound?  They are like those women you see in the low rider jeans with the fat overhanging the top of the jeans, giving the "muffin top" effect.  You have to ask youself "don't they have friends that tell them how they look (or in this case, sound)?"

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