Weiner’s biggest sin: lying to the press?

I’d like to think there’s true remorse here. No, not on the part of Anthony wiener. I’m sure he’s sorry especially after his wife got a hold of him. But I wonder if there’s true remorse on the part of the mainstream media. The big networks never covered this story until yesterday. And the lefty blogs couldn’t wait to go after Andrew Breitbart. At any rate my little mobsters here is a little Weiner for you, and my take on the story.

Let’s call this a “Weinertastic” post complete with videos from: Anthony Weiner, Andrew Breitbart, and of course Chris Matthews. The first is winners apology combined with his plea for help. See rehab is always the best way to solve public relations problem my little mobsters.


As I watched this excruciatingly difficult press conference it wasn’t so much the apology that got me but the ease with which he lied to the media last week and the way the media so easily excepted his explanation. Compare and contrast with this one.


The second greatest sin, and a perfect example of how live hurts so many people Is the Way, Wiener was more than willing to pin it all on a hacker, a.k.a., Andrew Breitbart. Breitbart demanded an apology from Wiener before the press conference even began, and then last night on Sean Hannity show gave the best example and analysis of why Wiener gait was important.


Finally my little mobsters, this little piece of video from last night’s Chris Matthews show, who spent the better portion of the show hammering Weiner for the lie. Although this one from Hot Air is getting a lot of attention, I think this little gem is more to the point.


Amazing! Amazing the press  couldn’t find the time to cover this story until they discovered Anthony Weiner was was lying to them. That’s crossing the line. Not tweeting pictures to women you don’t even know while your wife is sleeping, but lying repeatedly to the mainstream media. For them, that’s when it became a story.

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  1. crystal4
    crystal4 says:

    Yeah, the “lefty blogs” went after breitbart….despicable! Such a distinguished? journalist (sarc)!
    I myself would like to apologize to him….Here goes:
    I am very sorry that because of your total absence of any modicum of integrity? that I did not believe you.
    Mea Culpa, I have to remember that even a broken watch is right 2X a day.
    BTW, I am glad that the Justice Thomas story is being covered as well…you know, that his wife received hundreds of thousands of $$$ from lobbying groups that went in front of the Court without him recusing himself..??
    Funny that Weiner was the one calling for this investigation on this same day Breibart broke this story..

  2. sammy22
    sammy22 says:

    Covering up and then bellying up has worse consequences than bellying up right away. It blows my mind that they NEVER seem to learn.

  3. gillie28
    gillie28 says:

    Yes, Jim, rehab is always the best way to solve pubic, er, public?relations problems!? Well, the guy gave us all a good laugh today, but what an idiot to think he could away with it?in this day and age.??He only came clean yesterday?because one of his “friends” was going pubic, er, public with it today

  4. crystal4
    crystal4 says:

    we have a democrat who tweeted his underwear-outrage!
    We have a Justice of the Supreme Court who is corrupt…no response.

  5. pauldow
    pauldow says:

    The press is still trying to cover for him. On this morning’s Today Show, former WHNB anchor, and current Today Show “News” reader Natalie Morales talked with psychotherapist Robi Ludwig and media mogul Donny Deutsch. They both spent their time making the argument that we need to change our attitude toward this type of behavior by our elected representatives, since that’s just the way they are.? Ms. Morales can be seen nodding in agreement. The message I got was that isn’t their fault, it’s our fault that we’re so intolerant of what they do.

  6. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    Send this Vienna sausage packing.? He needs to show just a bit of integrity.? It isn’t as if there won’t be a fat job waiting for him on MSNBC a la Spitzer…

  7. GdavidH
    GdavidH says:

    Crystal….Which republicans?….The ones who have resigned?

    I’m quite confident that Breitbart would go after any repubs behaving badly as well. Breitbart is what the field of journalism has been waiting for a long, long time.

  8. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    Weiner used Twitter like a flasher uses a trench coat.? He is an electronic flasher.
    The apparently addled Barbara Walters tried to defend him, saying that he meant to send the porn to his wife!?? That even made Joy Behar howl!? LOL!

  9. crystal4
    crystal4 says:

    Gdavidh-no, like the ones who did not resign, like Vitter-or the ones who stayed in office for 4 years until indicted, like Ensign.

  10. chelly1222
    chelly1222 says:

    I think it’s absolutely hysterical how there is never a response from conservatives when Vitter is brought up.? That guy preaching about marriage/family values?? If people want Weiner to resign, then they should have been ripped Vitter from his moral high horse years aoth sides need to just stop the hypocrisy, or at least admit to it.

  11. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    Well, I think Vitter should have been forced out, as I believe Clinton should have been.? The hypocrisy goes both ways.?? Maybe we should just purge this bunch out and have some term limits to keep them honest.?? Well, more honest anyway.
    I was waiting for decades for Ted Kennedy to step down after he left that woman to die in a submerged car….

  12. Linda Mae
    Linda Mae says:

    No more name calling until you can prove that B lacks integrity!? So far, ACORN, NPR, Sherrod, and Planned Parenthood have been exposed by him and none of them have sued him.? That says a lot.? Remember, also, that he still has the ONE million $ waiting for someone who can show one of the congressmen being spit upon. If? you review the photo of the walk through the peaceful Tea Party members, you will see that everyone was carrying either their camera phone or video camera.? You have to stop attacking B unless you find evidence that he is guilty.? My brother’s favorite show is “To Catch a Predator”.
    B and his ilk do this since the main stream media refuses to.? I watched the Clinton impeachment trial all the hours I wasn’t working and was amazed how the press misinterpreted it.? I objected to the press telling me the opposite of what I had seen myself.? It seems that the shoe is on the other foot, now.? You must go to breitbart.com and newsbusters every day for a week. That is my challenge to you.? I take time to visit all sites, regardless of their bent, so that I can compare coverage.? Start today.? 🙂

  13. Lynn
    Lynn says:

    Dims as always, you are the best. Ted Kennedy was the ultimate scam artist. The brother of the man who said, “Ask not what your country can do for you…” was for every hand out program known to man. Screwed up the education system, healthcare system and promoted tax the rich while he was the rich and paid no tax because of his family’s foundation.? He was GUILTY of manslaughter, he let Mary Jo Kopechne suffocate in a car while he dithered deciding what story to tell to save his political hide.? And the only thing that happened was that he lost his driver’s license so he had to be driven by his chaffeur! His money paid off everyone in MA.? I digress, Weiner is scum.
    Dimsdale, please I am begging please write posts to this BLOG. Jim needs you, we need you! Ask not what RVO can do for you…..

  14. Linda Mae
    Linda Mae says:

    The ACORN suit was filed to complain that laws were broken in the initial taping.? The lawsuit was NOT filed to claim tht the info shown on the video was incorrect.? No one has argued that the info didn’t reflect ACORN correctly, just that the method of obtaining it broke laws.? What was the outcome?
    Sherrod’s suit claimed B damaged her reputation – not that the info shown in the video was incorrect.? B showed the video which showed S making a comment that he thought was a racist as any others had been throwing around AND he left in the part in which she admits she was wrong and made the decision to grant the money.? That showed S as a complex woman – making mistakes and being strong enough to realize she was making a mistake and being brave enough to talk about it in public.? What has happened with that case?
    S and her husband are supposedly in the middle of a gigantic case of fraud in getting government funds.? I imagine that the government will soon investigate the situation to determine if they indeed did commit fraud.
    We’ve switched topics, haven’t we.? You have ignored the facts.? I did? watch both videos – although I prefer to read transcripts.? You continue to call B…

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