We immediately realized that the context could be misconstrued

Lame: CNN responds to sandbagging Palin (see below) where either Drew Griffin, or his producer, completely distorts Byron York’s column:

As soon as the National Review brought it to our attention at 7:05, we immediately realized that the context could be misconstrued, we cut that portion of the interview.

Again, lame. Misconstrued? How about totally made up? How about, we didn’t do our research? Misconstrued. CNN either screwed up by accident or on purpose. I would like to think that since it was Drew Griffin, whom I like, it was the former. This has nothing to do with misconstrued. My favorite part came at the end of Drew Griffin’s apology.

At the end of the segment, anchor Kyra Phillips joked, “We should graduate not only with a diploma but a big target on our forehead, because no matter what we say during a political season, and you’re rushed and it’s tight time, there’s always going to be people out there that are going to criticize it. You did a great job Drew, appreciate it.”