Watching how the military reacts to the president

I’ll let this video stand on it’s own without serious analysis, but I do find it interesting how the Marines reacted to visits from President Bush and more recently, President Obama.

Sister Toldjah and I have a similar opinion.

Maybe it’s the types of events that determines the reactions? I find the contrasts in the reactions to the arrivals of both respective Presidents stunning, but maybe I’m missing something in terms of how military protocol works.

We may need a bit of help here from our military readers. What is your reaction to the video? Remember that the sound levels can be manipulated by the broadcaster, the room could have different acoustics and the event may have different protocols.

If you’re current or former military, or if you are familiar with these types of presidential visits, chime in or send us an e-mail. Video courtesy The Real Revo.


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  1. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    You have to love the military!  You don't get more honest and telling reactions than that.  They know Obama for what he is, then know what he has said, and they know what he really thinks of them.  What all liberals think of them.  They know he palled around with domestic terrorists and America hating "reverends."

    Notice how President Bush came in without fanfare, but Barry, wrapped up in the trappings of his own ego, has the trumpet fanfare that effectively filled what would otherwise be a rather uncomfortable silence as he came in.

    What do Alinsky style community organizers know about honor and duty anyway?

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