Wall Street … You might as well use a Ouija Board

Today’s weekend funny … but seriously folks. Our good friend Jonathan Hoenig is a bright man and his advice here is real good … plus he’s backed by Wayne Rogers who has a great track record himself. Update below.

Here’s the question put to him and Wayne. History shows you sell stocks in May and buy in the late fall … But Jonathan and Wayne whack this one down as only they can. Watch, enjoy … laugh but listen. 


And now for the disclaimer. This is not meant to be nor should it be construed as personal investment advice. As with all financial decisions, individual circumstances and objectives vary  and should be considered before investing. You should seek the advice of your personal investment counselor before making any investment decision. And as always, this not meant to be nor should it be construed as a market performance guarantee.

Wow … that takes me back, huh?

Update: Ouija … not Ouiga. Geeze … and the two letters aren’t even next to each other on the keyboard. Thanks to gillie for the heads up. I r so bad at spelling. Oh wait … there’s the spell check button. Ha!

For the folks out there still confused … no … Wigi, while used frequently … is not an accepted spelling. Just thought I would head that off at the pass. Next time I wish Wayne would use “Magic 8 Ball.”

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  1. Darlene
    Darlene says:

    Ha, Jim, the harsh reality is … there is no good barometer to go by these days.  If you listen to our Vice President, we just need to stay out of  confined spaces (don't go out where everyone sneezing and coughing).  If you listen to Homeland Security, we just need to wash our hands and cover our mouth (don't worry about terrorism or our borders).  If you listen to our President …. well all he seems to be worried about is planning his next speaking engagement (can you move that teleprompter forward please).  Why not listen to Jonathan Hoenig and Wayne Rogers?  At least they seem to think before they speak. 

  2. gillie28
    gillie28 says:

    They are both pretty cool guys, and tell it like it is without sugar-coating.  Nice to see them in agreement.  Jonathan's finally looking like he's not a teenager any more!  Thanks also to Wayne, Mash re-runs were the highlight of my evenings in Portugal!!!  Can't believe how great that show was – especially compared to the garbage on today.

  3. gillie28
    gillie28 says:

    Okay, while I'm trying to figure out why the avatar isn't coming up….it's ouiJa ("J" not "G") – If youse kneads a prufe-reeeder, I'm avaylerbull.

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