Vintage Sound Off Summer Music Fest T-shirts for sale

Jim has a few remaining T-shirts from previous Sound Off Summer Music Festivals sitting in boxes at home, and he figured we might as well sell them. All the shirts are very good quality and will sell for $3 each plus shipping.

Of course, we only have a limited number of shirts available. We’ll do our best to properly track the inventory available. Remember, we still have a few of our US Constitution – It’s a BFD t-shirts available for only $10 each.

For the remaining shirts we have, there will be no refunds or exchanges available. Discounts are available when shipping multiple shirts. (Sorry, the shipping does cost more than the shirts themselves, but you’re still getting t-shirts for less than $8 each with shipping!)

2007 Sound Off Summer Music Festival T-shirt
This concert took place at the Performing Arts Center at Simsbury Meadows on Aug. 17 & 18, 2007. The event featured Elana James, Adrienne Young, Cadillac Sky and Shanee Kilgore. The back of the shirt has the artists listed and the front of the shirt has the 2007 festival logo.

2008 Sound Off Summer Music Festival T-shirt

The 2008 t-shirts that remain are available for women only. They are a tight fit have have short sleeves.

2009 Sound Off Summer Music Festival T-shirt

The 2009 t-shirts are a full cut, normal sized shirt in gray. We have a few women’s cut shirts with shorter sleeves and a few regular sized.