Video:Paul Ryan and Michelle Bachmann respond: We’re headed for a cliff.

They won’t win awards for warm and fuzzy and they won’t win friends for calling for budget cuts … instead of freezes … but they will, for responding to the American people.

Budget king Congressman Paul Ryan offered the first rebuttal to the President’s SOTU and his message was clear throughout. We stand for a smaller and limited government because big government drains resources and limits freedom and true economic potential.

Two bites for you: The first, Ryan outlines all of the spending that Obama has promulgated with little result. Calling it like he sees it.


But more importantly, Ryan clearly outlines where we are headed as a nation.


Almost on cue … the CBO came out today and provided this stunning headline:

CBO: this year’s budget deficit to hit $1.5T

But of course the AP points out tax cuts are to blame:

Legislation passed in December to extend tax cuts, unemployment benefits for the long-term jobless and provide a 2 percent payroll tax cut this year adds almost $400 billion to this year’s deficit.

Set aside that spending, not tax cuts create a deficit. But even if those cuts were to be eliminated we’re still talking a 1.1 trillion dollar deficit. Not exactly Scrooge. We are headed for a cliff and Ryan gets it.

As for Michelle Bachmann’s response, I direct you to two links. First to my friend John Hinderaker at Powerlineblog who’s post not only reviews all three speeches from Obama, Ryan and Michelle Bachmann … but provides a transcript of a portion of Bachmann’s speech.

Here’s the video:


Second, you must head on over to my friend Ed Morrissey’s post on Congresswoman Bachmann and the snit thrown on the left because CNN decided to carry the speech … plus … Ed’s take on what she had to say.

As for the speech itself, I’d say that Bachmann did a good job in both emphasizing her role as a spokesperson for TPE rather than the GOP and sticking with economic and fiscal issues. She went a little further into a Perot-like presentation than I’ve seen her do in the past, but then Bachmann also used more thematic language …

Both posts are great.

UPDATE : I have updated the spelling in Congresswoman Bachmann’s name in the post title. My bad.

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  1. Tim-in-Alabama
    Tim-in-Alabama says:

    Ryan and Bachmann used facts and specific examples to explain their positions. That means they are full of hate. Plus, Bachmann's used a teleprompter so she's dumb. How many people will die because of their responses?

  2. rickyrock
    rickyrock says:

    We are headed for a cliff as has been stated .However the reason ……and this is the main reason ….Is corporate greed.Sending jobs over seas will never stop. We as a country are suffering from this business practice.The remaining work force is being over worked into oblivion,all while the power brokers gleefully look on.The government is not able to change the hearts and minds of these people and should not be expected to do so.

    Only when the corporate movers and shakers act like real patriotic Americans and stop putting profit above decency and morality will we ever have a chance. Unfortunately that will never happen. Changing the corporate tax rates only fuels and gives more impetus to their greed. As they continue to strangle the life out of this great country.

  3. Lynn
    Lynn says:

    Who says they aren't both warm and fuzzy. Go Ryan! Smart is Sexy. Michelle was great until she did the Iwo Jima bit, it  seemed a little hokey. Maybe if she talked about the troops in Iraq or Afghanistan, or the way we withstood the 9/11 attacks, it would have resonated more. But compared to President Obama, they both made the case and he is clueless.

  4. brianh
    brianh says:

    ricky-rock…ya can't live with 'em, but ya can't live without 'em (corporations). We need them to create jobs, so cut the marginal rate, broaden the base if you like, but most of all fill a landfill with the overly burdensome regulations!!!

  5. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    Is political greed any worse than corporate greed?  Only the currency (sometimes) differs.


    As for profit, competition drives down prices, but everything government does increases prices.

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