VIDEO: Blumenthal waxes poetically about his Vietnam Service

Great little piece of video. Richard Blumenthal clearly states he served in Vietnam. The money line comes at 40 seconds in. The video is dated March of 2008.



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  1. weregettinghosed
    weregettinghosed says:

    Hard to say you are misquoted when it is your words that everyone hears. The dems will vote for him no matter what but this is one chance for others to get ahead and speak out.

    As for Linda McK. that leaked it, she opened a door for everyone to take a look in her closet too.

    When you get too deep into politics that is when you drowned in it and We the People get short changed.  We want representation as to what we want not what they want! Politics is a job we want to hire them for, they think it is a game. For Blumie I hope he lost the game.

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