Vandalizing Of Bristol Monument Decried

This is sad and disgusting but not surprising. The vandalized statue was a statue honoring deceased WWII veterans. While sometimes soldiers get warm reactions and appreciation, there’s a entirely different side. A disappointing side. A side that makes you temporarily wonder why you risked your life for this great, and at times, ungrateful country. Here’s a piece from the Courant article

Police are investigating the toppling of the life-size metal statue. The monument, a copy of the soldier on the town’s Spanish-American War memorial dedicated in 1929 in Rockwell Park, was discovered Saturday morning bent on its stone pedestal, the legs shattered and other parts of the figure cracked.

“It looks like people rocked it back and forth to push it over,” Swicklas said. “It’s probably vandalism. Nothing was taken.”

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~Post by Mel