Unemployment at 10.2% – can we stop spending money now?

Going to have to reference the graph again. And you’ll see it next month too. These are not economic estimates, this is how the Executive Branch sold the emergency spending legislation to the public. If we did not pass the recovery plan immediately … well you know …

unemployment-graph-200910Click on the graph to enlarge. With the economic stimulus program implemented, the unemployment was supposed to be in the high 7 percent range. Without pushing through the emergency spending legislation – it was not a stimulus bill – the unemployement rate was supposed to skyrocket to almost 9 percent.

The graph is courtesy innocentbystanders.net.

As of today, we’re at 10.2 percent.

Can we please stop spending money we do not have now?

A quick wrap-up of blog posts on the subject this morning for you includes Hot Air, Gateway Pundit, and Strata Sphere. AJ’s post is especially good since it includes some really good detail about how the government deals with reporting.

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  1. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    Ah, remaking the country in his image.   Obambi has gone from naive and inept to drunk with power and fundamentally dangerous to our economy, safety, sovreignty, and country as a whole.


    Can't we call Eliot Ness or just fire up the bat signal?

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