UK Guardian: America roamed by angry white dudes with guns

Let me introduce you to UK Guardian commentator Amanda Marcotte, who has an “American gun culture” view so screwed up I have to question not only her research skills, but her sanity as well. This article is a perfect example of a gun-control activists who has a platform to lie and mislead with no repercussions.

Marcotte starts off with this abstract. She’s got blinders on.

With America roamed by angry white dudes for whom firearms are a prop for lost power, what sort of message are kids getting?

Really? America is roamed by angry white dudes with guns? Is she delusional? What’s incredible about Marcotte’s opinion piece is that she mentions white males and their supposed fixation with guns 10 times in the article. She suggests white guys use guns to …

… assert their power in an era when they’re increasingly being forced to share it with women and racial minorities.

What the hell is she talking about? She mentions white men are “raging against the decline of white male privilege.” This is the media bias that is the driving force in Europe where everyone thinks America is a dangerous place with “a million Dirty Harrys, ready to reassert the white man’s rightful place as the master of America.” If someone wonders why I have little interest in visiting the UK or Europe, Amanda Marcotte is a perfectly good reason. Certainly she has little desire to visit or work in the United States. But wait…

Marcotte was born and raised in Texas. Huh.

What Marcotte refuses to speak of is the black gang culture who has totally embraced guns, drugs and money. She mentions nothing about the gangster rap culture and videos. Maybe she’s afraid of being called a racist? It’s very hard for liberal activists like Marcotte to reference facts about black-on-black violence in this country since it does not fit the liberal gun control agenda. You see, writing about – and doing something about – urban crime, missing fathers, the welfare state, dealing drugs and crappy school systems in liberal utopias like Chicago is hard. But attacking and blaming white guys with guns and 11 rounds in their semi-automatic handguns is EASY.

Marcotte – exclusively writing about the “angry white guys” in this piece – shows she doesn’t give a crap about the black teenagers shooting and killing each other in places like Chicago, Washington D.C., and Oakland. She’s a feminist writer and it’s cool for feminists to attack white guys. She never, ever, writes about black-on-black crime in our inner cities.

The writer also does not seem to understand there is a difference between boys and girls. She mentions a boy’s attraction to firearms seems much higher than for girls, and certainly there are absolutely tragic shootings that take the lives of kids that should never, ever happen. Most of those shootings happen to involve boys. That sucks for sure. She then goes on to bitch about how males are also fascinated by guns. Since she offers no “cure” here, I’m assuming she just figures the white guys are all genetically screwed up and she’s done with them … lost causes. She is a feminist writer after all.

Maybe Marcotte would like to know 69 percent of the students taking my NRA Basic Pistol course are females? They also happen to be better shooters and have expressed more interest than the guys when it comes to continuing education and getting involved with shooting sports. Nope… doesn’t fit her agenda.

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  1. bien-pensant
    bien-pensant says:

    This woman’s article couldn’t even be termed “creative” writing. It really is stale, trite twaddle regurgitated from a bleak and dreary mind. Liberal claptrap. She is fantasizing. She probably gets all of her “facts” from Hollywood action movies and pMSNBC. That and a media outlet along with an axe to grind is the recipe for more liberal slander.
    I’d bet that she is depressed by the English weather and longs for a big “white guy” to sweep her back to sunny Texas. Maybe that’s it.
    This woman has some aggression and transference issues. She needs help.

  2. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    Marcotte is a deluded apparatchik (is that redundant?) who, at least, had the decency to move to a socialist utopia.? Where she falls down is sitting there and promoting her ignorant opinion as fact.? I think she is no better than the “American Al Queda” Adam Yahiye Gadahn: both cowards that benefited from American, but were so spoiled that they think they are qualified to criticize it.? Criticism is fine, but propaganda is not.
    You can get the whole “flavor” of her career as a cheerleader of the radical ultra left in the media from her wiki entry:
    Note her lack of (or rush to) judgement in her glorious crusades as “leader of a “cyber-lynch mob'” in the Duke Lacrosse debacle, blogmaster (mistress?) for the John Edwards campaign.
    You just can’t make this stuff up, but apparently, she can.

  3. Lynn
    Lynn says:

    Well, I’m confused. Has she actually visited the US or is she just writing what she has heard on TV? ?I’d love to know what she bases any of this on.?

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