Uh Oh … Dodd stops the bleeding

Well, could it get any worse for a Democrat in a blue state? Based on why most people in Connecticut dislike him, I would expect he is far from rehabilitated.

Dodd, who has served in the Senate for close to 30 years, trails Simmons, 45 percent to 39 percent, the poll found.

However, those numbers are an improvement over the 50 to 34 percent advantage Simmons held in the last Quinnipiac poll, which was released in early April, on the heels of the AIG bonus controversy.

Dodd appears to have “stopped the bleeding,” Quinnipiac poll director Doug Schwartz said in a press release accompanying the poll results. Connecticut voters disapprove, 53 to 38, percent of the job the Democratic incumbent is doing, a gain over the 58 to 33 percent margin in the April 2, his lowest approval rating ever.

The uptick in approvals from 31 to 38 is hardly reason to plan the re-election party. Maybe what Dodd really needs is another credit card bill. After all, then he can be introduced by the President as a “partner in crime” again. 


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  1. homosapiens
    homosapiens says:

    I fear that Dodd's "improvement" in the poll numbers will get all kinds of coverage, and few will remind the masses that Dodd is largely responsible for getting the country into the economic mess we're in. He'll get oft-repeated credit for the credit card bill and how he saved us from the opression of the lenders. So much pablum for the masses. Let's hope that the bump in polling numbers is only a blip that will be eclipsed by an even greater and permanent drop. The heat needs to be kept on "high" so that the voting public doesn't return this idiot to Congress yet again.

  2. Linda Mae
    Linda Mae says:

    If someone doesn't have a picture of Dodd and his family in Iowa, then I'll accept that he will be re-elected due to the gross incompetence of the Republican Party.  Or continual playing of the finance hearings in which Waters and Waxman  – and Frank – keep repeating that there is no problem with Fannie and Freddie – Raines is there protecting them. Or the home in Ireland. 

    Hire the PR firm that does the Dunkn' Donuts TV ads – they are fabulous.

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