Two more Democrats concerned about their party, and, the country

Coming on the heels of Chris Matthews’s recent comments about President Obama as reported by Steve here, an article in today’s Wall Street Journal is interesting.  It was written by two Democrats, Pat Caddell, a pollster for President Carter, and Douglas Schoen, a pollster for President Clinton.  Here are a few quotes.

When Harry Truman and Lyndon Johnson accepted the reality that they could not effectively govern the nation if they sought re-election to the White House, both men took the moral high ground and decided against running for a new term as president. President Obama is facing a similar reality—and he must reach the same conclusion.

The authors are suggesting that President Obama step aside and allow Hillary Clinton to run as their nominee.  They hasten to add that they have no idea whether she would accept if asked.  Their reasoning, and the thought behind it, are interesting.

With his job approval ratings below 45% overall and below 40% on the economy, the president cannot affirmatively make the case that voters are better off now than they were four years ago. He—like everyone else—knows that they are worse off. …

One year ago in these pages, we warned that if President Obama continued down his overly partisan road, the nation would be ‘guaranteed two years of political gridlock at a time when we can ill afford it.’ The result has been exactly as we predicted: stalemate in Washington, fights over the debt ceiling, an inability to tackle the debt and deficit, and paralysis exacerbating market turmoil and economic decline.

Humm, maybe the stalemate isn’t Republicans’ fault after all.

…Mrs. Clinton [is] better positioned to win in 2012 than Mr. Obama, but she is better positioned to govern if she does. Given her strong public support, she has the ability to step above partisan politics, reach out to Republicans, change the dialogue, and break the gridlock in Washington. …

By going down the re-election road and into partisan mode, the president has effectively guaranteed that the remainder of his term will be marred by the resentment and division that have eroded our national identity, common purpose, and most of all, our economic strength. If he continues on this course it is certain that the 2012 campaign will exacerbate the divisions in our country and weaken our national identity …

It seems obvious that these are two Democrats who are greatly concerned about the future of their party.  Indeed,

We write as patriots and Democrats—concerned about the fate of our party and, most of all, our country. We do not write as people who have been in contact with Mrs. Clinton or her political operation. Nor would we expect to be directly involved in any Clinton campaign.

Even if the President doesn’t, it is obvious that the authors see a gradual degradation of their party and their country.  To that extent, I doubt that they are out of step with many of their colleagues.


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  1. RoBrDona
    RoBrDona says:

    Even though these guys have been called the “Fox News Democrats”, judging from some of their other articles, I think they would rather see a third-party candidate once again stealing votes from a Republican candidate, rather than (or combined with) another Hillary run.?

    • GdavidH
      GdavidH says:

      It’s funny you say, ?Fox News Democrats?. Can anyone say CNN republicans or MSNBC republicans?…..Really? No RINOS.

      Truth that FOX is the only balanced network. They also have Beckel, Williams, Wallis, Shep, etc.. Just Democrats that want to work for a successful news network.?

      • GdavidH
        GdavidH says:


        Like you, I also follow the news of the “enemy”. I did read that and noticed how horribly un-scientific the sample was.?

        Why don’t you try to address the point I made without grabbing at straws.???

      • Lynn
        Lynn says:

        GdavidH, It is a great point and needs to be said over and over. I think a poll could be taken that no one who listened to any of MSM would know the FAST and FURIOUS scandal or that when General Petraeus stepped down from his command to become Director of CIA neither Commander-in-Chief Obama or? the present Dir. of CIA Leon Panetta were there at the ceremony. or that Obamacare will NOT lower Healthcare costs, or that unemployment is 9%, 16% for Afro-Americans, or that the national debt is 15 Trillion and climbing every day. The Libs can pick their issues and the Conservatives can pick their issues.

      • crystal4
        crystal4 says:

        “Can anyone say CNN republicans or MSNBC republicans??’
        Is that the point you? want me to address, that they don’t have paid shills?

  2. Plainvillian
    Plainvillian says:

    We have been subjected to Bubba and Harpy since 1991 and fatigue is a powerful negative, given the anti-establishment sentiment that is voiced daily by many.? Hillary the Harpy would fight tooth and nail to preserve Obamacare, the most divisive current issue with at least 65% of Americans opposing it.? I fail to see how her candidacy would sufficiently enthuse the disparate interest groups needed to elect any Democrat, especially blacks.
    The radical socialist agenda of the last three years has been neither successful nor popular.? A more likely scenario is a Democrat establishment offering tepid support for Mr. Obama while the next generation quietly prepares to reshape the Democrat Party into a more palatable political entity.
    Now that is hope we can believe in.

  3. Lynn
    Lynn says:

    I have the highest respect for Pat Caddell, he has been saying the exact same thing for 3 years on Neal Cavuto. I am frightened that the Democrats will listen to him and put up another candidate to run for the Democrats. Never underestimate the power of the media to demonize any Republican who runs and the Democrats can win.? Obamacare forevah! Say it ain’t so, Joe

  4. JBS
    JBS says:

    Sadly, these guys are right. They forecast that BO would be gridlocked, unable to govern. They are right. I hope they aren’t right about another candidate.
    Hillary? Egads! Another stint with her in the W.H. would be horrible. BO’s socialist policies would become hers. Nothing would change.

  5. ricbee
    ricbee says:

    I would welcome her running but that would have to be over Obama’s dead body. Which she probably could arrange.

  6. crystal4
    crystal4 says:

    “two MORE democrats….” come on!
    these guys have been shills for Fox News and the WSJ since obama got elected….their schtick is used over and over by Hannity, especially.
    “Oh. we are Democrats…it sooooo pains us to say this…but….”
    They are Dick Morris wannabes (who has made a pretty good living off of this act.

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