Trying Twitter

For those of you really into Web 2.0 social networking, I’ve created an account with Twitter and started doing some micro-blogging. You’ll see the “tweets” over in the right column just under the Recent Comments section.

Not exactly sure how long I will do this. I guess you can say that I’m in alpha or beta right now.

I try to add some reasonable analysis to my blog posts, making them more or less an online tutorial covering conservative principles.

I generally do not get into current events unless they can be used as an example or analogy of those conservative principles I speak of, but the tweets will cover a wider spectrum of themes. Current events, hot news items, breaking stories or such.

Basically it will be a list of interesting stuff I find on the Net, or some sort of rant.

I’ll still only post tweets when I have the time to pay attention to such events, but since I’m limited to 140 characters with this micro-blogging stuff, I may be able to post more often.

You can follow me on Twitter here, and you’ll also get immediate notification and a link to new blog posts. So join the three other really nice folks following me on Twitter. As usual, my audience can fit on the landing of a small stairwell.

No, I’m not registering for MySpace or Facebook. I need to draw the line in the sand somewhere.

Blame Vicevich for getting me started on this.

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