Trump: Obama the worst President ever!

And, your point is …? Donald Trump with Sean Hannity last night and this was the best they can do? I said this I think months ago? Video below the fold.

Oh, and Trump can’t pronounce Plouffe’s name either. So there, Mr. Joyce.



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  1. Edmondo
    Edmondo says:

    I like what he says, but if he is serious about running then he has to get an HONEST haircut.  The orange tinted double comb-over with four coats of Aqua Net is just not cutting it.  Doesn't anyone close to him tell him that he looks stupid?

  2. GdavidH
    GdavidH says:

    Crazy like a fox, me thinks.

    I gonna go out on a limb and say that Trump is only taking this opportunity to poke the stick at Obama to redirect the peoples attention away from Obama's lying sack of $h!… campaign. He's doing what the media should have done in 2008.

    Up next…. Maybe Obama's college transcripts.

  3. David R
    David R says:

    A "plouffe" according to my French dictionary is a comb-over worn by the rich and famous narcissist  with a history of tabloid marriages and multiple bankruptcies.  And his foreign policy experience? I'll bet he can see both Chinatown and Little Italy from his appartment.

  4. David R
    David R says:

    The Donald, and his plouffe hair do, have already called GW Bush the worst president in history. I'll bet he thinks any president that isn't the guy in his mirror is the worst. I agree with Rove…the Donald's candidacy is a joke. 

  5. Reh Dogg
    Reh Dogg says:

    I agree he should also run as Republican and not consider running as an independent.  to Obama I say show us the proof sir? You are not American. Where are your <a title="Political satire" href="; rel="nofollow">birth papers? You traveled to Pakistan in a time where Americans were not allowed to travel there. Conclusion you are not American. You are the biggest political scandal in the history of American politics.

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