Trouble on the Border.

Apparently, our neighbor to the South is less than happy with the Arizona state legislature…

“The Mexican government criticized Wednesday a tough immigration law approved this week by Arizona legislators, saying it could result in rights violations and racial profiling and affect cross-border relations.

Mexico’s Foreign Relations Department said in a statement relayed through Mexico’s U.S. embassy that it viewed the measure with great concern and said it “could have potentially serious effects on the civil rights” of Mexican nationals.”

Now, far be it for me to tell the Mexican government how to run their nation, although they seem pretty willing to tell Americans how to run theirs, but this is just a little too cute for words.

Illegal immigrants are, definitionally, criminals and, as such, are entitled to a bus ticket back to Mexico.  Now, I understand that these “undocumented tourists” might not be happy with the idea of returning to their country of origin, what with the poverty, the corruption and the violence in the streets, but that would be a “local matter” for the Mexican government.  The fact that they cannot even maintain peace and order in the tourist areas of the country speaks volumes as to the competence of their police and security forces.

Now, Mexico has a vested interest in keeping the illegal immigrants north of the Rio Grande.  Remittances — transfers of money for individuals in the United States — were the second greatest source of income for the nation, second only to the revenues generated by Mexico’s petroleum industry.  What we in the US call “illegal immigration” would apparently be Mexico’s “war on poverty.”  With all apologies to Horace Greeley, the Mexican answer to their woes is “go north, young man!”  The Mexican government has gone so far as to produce a manual on how to cross the border.

Now comes the Arizona state legislature which has, with the murder of a rancher, decided that, is the Federal government is not going to deal with the problem, then they would and have passed a law that seeks to address, among other things, the shift in the flow of illegal immigrants away from California to Arizona.  Never mind that Mexico’s legislation on illegal immigration is draconian, even compared to the strict law proposed in Arizona, it would seem that the government of Mexico thinks that the US economy is their private preserve.

Allow me to propose a compromise.  The United States should treat Mexicans here illegally as Mexico treats those who enter that nation illegally.  Who could complain about that, other than, of course, Mexico?

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  1. donh
    donh says:

    Mexico knows how to play the game. If you are american and work to defend this country and its constitution on any issue , YOU are a racist. Show me where latinos who properly apply for visas have their applications disproportionately declined in comparison to other races? We even let Islamists from countries inclined to terrorism enter this country when the legal paperwork is applied. God bless the Governor of Arizona. Let the Republican Wimpocracy take note, it took a WOMAN of courage to turn around  this corrupt  ideology of laissez-faire border immigration. Don't let Johnny come lately McCain steal the credit that is due others .

  2. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    Precisely.  Our answer should be to adopt Mexico's immigration laws and border enforcement techniques.


    What will they say then?

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