Troopathon update: Greyhawks almost in 2nd place! (Update: IN 2nd place!)

Thanks to another awesome effort during the last 24 hours, the Greyhawk team is within striking distance of the second place Anti-Jihadists. Have you taken the few moments to donate care packages to the troops? Your donation is tax-deductible, and goes to a great cause.

The Greyhawk donation total has almost tripled in the last 24 hours and the latest update – just released at noon ET – shows the Hot Air Steamers still in the lead with about $15,000, the Anti-Jihadists in second place with $5,350 and the Greyhawks just $950 behind at $4,400. [Update 7 p.m. ET: We’re now in 2nd place by $38. It’s a horse race!]

Update (8:30 a.m. ET on Thursday): I’m traveling today, but overnight totals show the Greyhawks in second place. Steamers: $16,200, Greyhawks: $6,700, Anti-Jihadists: $5,400, Free Republic: $650, Family Security Matters: $550 and COINS: $125. Thanks to all who have contributed to all of the team efforts!

Even Ed at Hot Air seems to be a bit nervous as he trolls for more bloggers to join the Steamers. (Just kiddin’ Ed) There are some great bloggers taking part in this effort, all joining in a little competition to support our troops overseas – which is what this is all about!

We know a big part of the contributions are coming from Sound Off Connecticut listeners – thank you and tell your friends!

Click on this banner to donate right now!


Donation Details
A Battalion Pack ($1,000) serves 50-60 troops, a Company Pack ($600) serves 25-30 troops, a Platoon Pack ($200) serves 15-20 troops, a Squad Pack ($100) serves 8-10 troops, a Large Pack ($50) serves 3-4 troops, and a Small Pack ($25) serves 1-2 troops.

Click here to donate care packages for the troops – and support the Greyhawk team. Choose a pack listed above. Read the instructions on the page – any questions you have about the process will be answered there.

Alternate donation methods available…

If you are looking to donate less than $25, or another amount not offered in the packs above, you can donate via PayPal – just let them know you’re on the Greyhawk team so they can keep score!

Ensure you hit the + icon and fill in the name of the referring blog: Greyhawks – Radio Vice Online. (Click on the image to the right to see a screen shot of the second PayPal step.) This is only needed if you are donating via PayPal.

— Send a Check —
You can also send a check via snail mail to the organization. In the memo field note “Troopathon – Greyhawk Team” and send your tax-deductible donation to:

The Campaign Store – Move America Forward Troopathon
P.O. Box 1863
Sacramento, CA 95812