To our Veterans on this day

We published this  2 years ago.  The sentiment hasn’t changed.

Thank you for your service … and to the families of veterans, today we honor and thank you too.

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  1. Lynn
    Lynn says:

    Steve, Thank you. I so like the opportunity to thank our troops and all veterans. I hope everyone will take the time to reflect and honor our troops today.

  2. JohnK
    JohnK says:

    Thank you Steve and to all who honor me, my brothere and sisters in arms.

    It was my privilege and my duty to serve and to do my best to keep our nation free.

  3. OkieJim
    OkieJim says:

    Thank you for your appreciation.


    It is said that when you enlist, you are writing a blank check payable to the United States Government in an amount up to and including your very life. Some men and women got that check cashed. May their souls rest in eternal peace, those are the true heroes.


    I ditto JohnK: it was my privilege to have served.

  4. VictimsRevenge
    VictimsRevenge says:

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    To our country’s veterans on Veterans Day. It’s a thankless task sometimes, being bombarded with all the reasons you shouldn’t sacrifice your time and efforts and even your lives for this country. Allow me to offer you my gratitude in the hope it will put your decision to serve into its proper perspective. Our country has enemies and they know just as we know that there are parts of the world that are very important because of what they have there. When enough people depend on the product that they globally distribute for the way of life they have become accustom to, then any kind of disruption in the flow of this product will either impact the worlds economy or cause so many headaches in the areas where this products distribution has been disrupted. Just being there is going to make a difference, so even if the war cannot be won, the mission can still be accomplished. So when the negativity begins to creep in, try to remember that we are all Americans trying to better our position in the world. Thank you for your service. To Our Country's Heroes

  5. NMSDad
    NMSDad says:

    Apologies to all….I should have explained what the link was.  It is a very moving youtube video that honors those who have fought for us and our freedoms.  If the link itself does not work, type in I fought for you on the youtube site.

  6. winnie888
    winnie888 says:

    A hearty thank you to all the veterans who served our country…those living and those no longer with us.

    My dad served in the Army and even though it wasn't wartime, I know that it made him the hard working and strong dad I needed during the 70s and 80s.  He taught me responsibility, self control, and how to work hard for what you want.  He also hammered home to me that, "No one ever said life would be easy".  Truer words were never spoken and they have served me well during difficult times.  So to all the veterans AND my dad, I say thank you for your strong convictions and character.

  7. Lucinda
    Lucinda says:

    Remembering all our heroes who have served and/or are serving in our armed forces. Thank you for your service!


    We live in the land of the free, because of the brave.


  8. Chas
    Chas says:

    Thank you Steve and to all that have served and are now serving.

    In memory of my father:

    Today serves a reminder to me and my family that we will never back down. Thank you Dad and thanks for reminding us how great America is. You see, my father immigrated to this great land many years ago. With his mother, brother, sister, uncles and aunts taken away and sent to the camps of Siberia.  His escape and journey as a kid brought him to the mouth of the Hudson were many of our ancestors have come. He learned the English language, got a job working the local farms, got an education in the local schools and then met a gal. You see, my father was grateful that America offered him the individual freedom and liberty to do all this. He needed no government program to do this for him. He cried when he got to be a US Citizen. When the US was involved in the Korean War. He enlisted in the US Marines and was proud to serve and defend the very principles that offered him to immigrate here. There was no question he was proud to serve and protect the very freedom and liberty that our forefathers gave their life for. My parents lived first hand what government control does to society. As he would often warn me.  When government controls how you live and where. Only and only then will you know what true poverty and suffering is.  That is why this fight will continue in my lifetime and my children. Thank you veterans. And thank you Steve and Jim for taking the fight. God Bless America.

  9. Anne-EH
    Anne-EH says:

    I want to before I forget, honor the memories of both my late father who served during WW 2 in the Coast Guards and a dear friend of mine, name Robert, who served both in the Navy and who worked many years in the United States Post Office, who lost his battle with cancer this recent past summer.

    God Bless ALL living and decessed veterans.

  10. KrisTr
    KrisTr says:

    I would like to pay my respects to a very few (17) American Pilots who instead of coming home after WWI decided to stay and help Poland in it's war with Soviet Union in 1921. When they finally headed home, they left behind in Lwow (now in Ukraine) the graves of three of their comrades. On their graves Poles erected a monument with an inscription saying: "They died so that we can live free."

    Thanks from the bottom of my heart.

    PS. November 11 is Poland's Independence Day.….

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