Time Magazine lefty on stimulus: Hey, Obama did this for you

OK. It’s Joe Klein. But it’s still a little window into the minds of the liberal elite. Andrea Mitchell kinda gives herself away with the question too. Joe Klein is just stunned that most of America thinks the stimulus is just a total waste of money, which of course it is.

The good comes at 44 … but watch it all. My favorite line in this one comes at the end … people get $60 extra in their paycheck. “Most people aren’t even aware of where it came from.” Actually Joe, we are. It came from us. Clueless. The wizards of smart.


I don’t have to remind you, but for Joe’s sake, Obama promised last February, the stimulus would create 3 million jobs, 90% in the private sector, and keep unemployment under 8%. There is no evidence the stimulus has created one job, unemployment is 10% and since January of last year, 2 million jobs have been lost.

UPDATE: Sorry about that. The number above is June to December. The actual number of jobs lost is much worse … 4 million. I apologize.

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  1. DuffTerrall
    DuffTerrall says:

    How about some mention of the fact that all of this money has to first come out of the pockets of these selfsame American people, guys? Government money doesn't exist!

  2. TD1945
    TD1945 says:

    What $60-$80 is he talking about?  Oh, the $600 tax credit over a period of 40 weeks.  Hmm that is $15 a week.  He didn't define the period of time he was talking about.  Nice way to inflate it by not defining the time period.  Typical!  And to think that when we file this year, we have to give some of it back-many of us will be under withheld for 09. Nice gift! 

    • TD1945
      TD1945 says:

      Whoops, I had the wrong tax credit.  That was Bush's tax credit.  Obama's tax credit is $400, which is $10 a week.  And some of us will still have to give some of those $$ back to the Government….

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