Time For The Treasury Nominee To Do The Patriotic Thing

Why are liberals are so good at telling other people what to do … but somehow it never applies to them. Charlie Rangle is exhibit A. Latest example … the soon to be Secretary of the Treasury …. The man who will run the IRS … didn’t pay his self employment taxes. The man who worked for the International Monetary Fund said he was confused. The man who will demand you pay your taxes and likely take your home or your business if you don’t … dodged his for years. Outrage.

The second issue involved taxes due while Mr. Geithner worked for the International Monetary Fund between 2001 and 2004. As an employee, Mr. Geithner was technically considered self-employed and was required to pay Social Security and Medicare taxes for himself as both an employer and an employee.

He apparently failed to do so, resulting in Internal Revenue Service audits his last two years at the IMF. As soon as the IRS brought the issue to his attention, he paid the taxes with interest, these people said.

Remember when Biden said this … these guys really tick me off.


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  1. Wayne SW
    Wayne SW says:

    The Secretary of the Treasury oversees the IRS.  How can a person with such a powerful position over all taxpayers fail to correctly execute his own tax liability.

    This guy is a joke.  I can picture "tardy" taxpayers pleading, "The U.S. Treasury Secratary "mistakenly" didn't pay his taxes properly, why should I?"

    Step aside, no one will respect you.  It would be like promoting an inmate to warden.

  2. TomWys
    TomWys says:

    How about the AG nominee!!!  Here's the guy who helped Clinton sell pardons to the highest bidder – how "Rich" can you get!!!

    Obama might as well put "The White House is Now Up For Sale Again" sign up on his residence if he appoints the sleezier Clinton administrators to positions of responsibi;ity.

  3. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    Is it just me, or is Obama trying to assemble the biggest pack of corruptocrats that he can?  Add to this the fact that he picked Biden as VP for the appearance (not reality) of sage advice, and the guy is the biggest gaffomatic that ever lived.  Hillary speaks for herself, but really packs a lot of baggage in her carpetbag.

    Are there any honest Dems in DC anymore?  I think the last left when Zell Miller retired.

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