This Information on McCain is NOT a Personal Attack

It might seem like bloggers are ganging up on John McCain. That is not what is happening here. His record is an open book, and the people that he has selected to advise him during the campaign can provide us with good information about who he will be willing to work with in the future.

Who will be in his cabinet? Who will be official – and unofficial – advisors?

Again, the blogosphere is all over this, and Malkin just posted a great introduction to McCain’s national finance co-chair of the McCain 2008 campaign, Jerry Perenchio.

Perenchio information from Wikipedia:

Jerry Perenchio (born December 20, 1930) was the former chairman and CEO of Univision, the largest Spanish-language company in the United States.

Born Andrew Jerrold Perenchio in Fresno, California, he relocated to Los Angeles where he worked as a young Hollywood talent agent for MCA and represented such celebrity clients as Marlon Brando and Elizabeth Taylor.

In 1992, he and his partners spent US$550 million for Univision in 1992; his 16% stake is now worth $1.3 billion. In 2003 he paid US$3.5 billion (consideration for a merger: UVN issued 3.5B of stock in exchange for shares of HBC) for the Spanish-language powerhouse radio network, Hispanic Broadcasting.

Although Perenchio is a contributor to the Republican party and “Progress for America,” he has also made some very interesting statements concerning language.

Remember borders, language and culture define a country.

Malkin writes:

Perenchio aggressively bankrolled opposition to Prop. 227, which dismantled “bilingual education”–the oxymoronic program that holds foreign-language-speaking students hostage and forces them to maintain their native tongues instead of transitioning to English as quickly as possible–in 1998. He donated millions directly to the opponents and also donated millions of dollars in anti-227 “public service announcements” on Univision railing that “The dreams of millions of Hispanic families are being destroyed.” Despite Perenchio’s massive campaign to prop up language segregationism, the pro-English Prop. 227 won in a landslide.

Get with the program people. McCain is not a conservative.