Things Have Been Worse

You have homework tonight before tomorrow’s show. But I will give you all a head start. For months. first candidate and now President Obama has been warning of a coming economic Armageddon, the worst crisis since the great depression. From just one month ago.


That tone has changed in the last few weeks … at least from the President.


But Boston Globe columnist Jeff Jacoby points out in this column, the Vice Gaffer in Chief still hasn’t changed his tone … whiplash!


Last week the vice president brought up FDR again, asserting that President Obama “has inherited the most difficult first 100 days of any president, I would argue, including Franklin Roosevelt.”

That may have generated quizzical looks, for Biden continued: “Let me explain what I mean by that. It was clear the problem Roosevelt inherited. This is a more complicated economic [problem]. We’ve never, ever been here before – here or in the world. Never, ever been here before.”


Hyperbole? Wouldn’t be the first time for Mr Vice Gaffer. But you be the judge. Jeff joins us tomorrow on the show.

Tonight’s homework … read his column please. But before you go … speaking of FDR, one of my favorite Biden moments.


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  1. Steve McGough
    Steve McGough says:

    Communication management is not the strong suite of this administration. Actually, neither is management in general since both POTUS and VPOTUS do not have any executive experience at all. None. This is exactly what I expected, and wrote about back in October.

    "Presidents normally have had executive and/or military leadership positions prior to taking office.

    Bush (43), Clinton, Reagan, Carter and FDR all came from the ranks governors. Bush (41), Ford, Nixon, Johnson and Truman were vice presidents prior to taking the oath. Kennedy was a senator prior to taking office, but had four years of military service during World War II. Eisenhower had extensive military experience beginning when he enrolled at West Point in 1911.  Even Hoover had eight years of experience as the US Secretary of Commerce under Harding.

    That’s almost 80 years of presidential history. Obama does not have experience to match previous presidents."

    And it is showing.

    • Dimsdale
      Dimsdale says:

      Are you saying that "community organizer" is sufficient as a breeding ground for the presidency?   A couple of unproductive years as a Senator?  An unproductive president of the HLR?  A lawyer for ACORN?  A student of Ayers and Alinsky?  An 20 year acolyte of a black supremacist "reverend?"  His unknown accomplishments at Columbia?

      Surely you jest!

      🙂 🙁

  2. SoundOffSister
    SoundOffSister says:

    There continues to be a total disconnect in this administration.? Is it too much to ask that the folks in the White House at least speak?with each other when passing in the hallways?

    • gillie28
      gillie28 says:

      SOS – that's funny.  But, my guess is they only communicate through Blackberries so Vice President Untechy Gaffer is totally out of the loop!

    • TomTGRWolcott
      TomTGRWolcott says:

      It must be like High School in the White House these days, I bet they are not talking to eachother in the hall ways because a: They only have a hall pass, and b: they dont want to risk detention.

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