The weed of socialism…

…bears bitter fruit.  From the UK TIMES, by Iain Martin:

They don’t know what they’re doing, do they? With every step taken by the Government as it tries frantically to prop up the British banking system, this central truth becomes ever more obvious.

The country stands on the precipice. We are at risk of utter humiliation, of London becoming a Reykjavik on Thames and Britain going under. Thanks to the arrogance, hubristic strutting and serial incompetence of the Government and a group of bankers, the possibility of national bankruptcy is not unrealistic.

Ironically, this is the sort of government some folks we ought to have…

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  1. davis
    davis says:

    Never at a loss of sniping at everything. As to OUR current situation (that spilled over to the UK and the rest of the world), pls tell us who has been running the White House until yesterday.

    We have a lot of work to do, and the sooner the Right and Left get off their dogma kick, the better for the country (is it ours??).

  2. Wyndeward
    Wyndeward says:

    While we're on the subject, which party put forth the housing lending programs that precipitated the melt-down, aggressively expanded those programs, used the administration of those programs as a private piggy-back for party apparatchiks leading to accounting scandals and prevented any changes in the oversight and regulation of these programs as recently as 2-3 years ago, davis?

    The advantage of sniping in you can pick your targets, aim and strike accurately… it is far more efficient that firing blind.

  3. davis
    davis says:

    While we are the subject: who was running the country for 6 of those awful Bush/Cheney years?  Which programs did they shoot down, what changes were proposed to prevent the catastrophe ? Who proposed the TARP program? Who ran deficits through the ceiling? Who was not watching Wall Street/Fannie/Freddy.

    Are the Republicans/Conservatives and their leaders/representatives always blameless?

  4. madison
    madison says:

    Too many people are concerned with playing the blame game.  I do believe in holding people accountable for their actions, but that should not be our main focus. 

    If enough people want to make a difference, they can, but bickering back and forth with our adversaries is not going to accomplish anything. 

    The key is to organize, and work together toward a common goal.  The time is now, if there is any hope of affecting the next election.

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