The War Is Over?

From Strategy Page:

October 27, 2008: The war is over. Most of the noise these days is from politicians arguing, not bombs going off. There are still bombs, but now they tend to be assassination attempts, as some political parties play dirty (not unknown in this part of the world). Up north, the Turkish Air Force air raids are taking place farther (the latest was 100 kilometers) from the border … Iraq has revived its diplomatic relations with Kuwait, including reopening the Kuwaiti embassy and making an earnest attempt to settle issues (mainly reparations and missing persons) still remaining from the Iraqi occupation of 1990-91…

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  1. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    Lemme guess: Obama becomes president, he claims credit for ending the war.

    Do any of those behind the scenes negotiations with the Iraqi leadership, imploring them not to end the war too soon, count against him, or do we just ignore these "distractions" the way the FEC ignores his voting fraud?

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