The TSA goes T and A … or why we saw this coming months ago.

This is the most unreal story I have posted in a while, but after all of the other pat down stories this should not surprise any of us. And, in truth, it’s not that the TSA official did this … it’s that he admitted to why he did this. Transparency!

Big Hat Tip to Ed Morrissey on this one and I will include his best comment from his post in a minute, but first the story. A woman and her 17 year old son are going through the screening process at Albuquerque airport when the TSA screener decided Mom needed a closer inspection, so to speak. As Adrienne Durso of Carlsbad, California explains it they seemed to be spending an inordinate amount of time on her bosom. From KOB TV.

“Heavily concentrating on my breast area where I told her I had a mastectomy the year previous and in just seemed to go on and on,” said Durso.

She says she felt humiliated as the extensive pat-down happened in front of her 17 year old son and hundreds of other travelers.

“I felt as though I didn’t have any rights other than I had to stand there and let them do what they want to do to my body,” Durso continued.

She says she knew her rights had been violated so she asked to speak to a supervisor who she thought would help.

All the while her son stood by her side and couldn’t remain silent anymore

“My son, who I’m very proud of spoke up and said ‘I went through the metal detector and I did not get a pat-down’ to which the supervisor said ‘well you don’t have boobs’,” she said.


I think Ed Morrissey has the line of the year on this one.

Ah, the boobs exception to the 4th Amendment!  Well, say no more.  Thankfully, TSA will keep all of us safe from breasts while we fly the friendly skies.

Go to Hot Air and read his whole take on the story. Plus he has track backs to the entire story and the full video. But as he says, no excuses. She’s suing and well she should. Just file this one under TSA T&A.

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  1. winnie888
    winnie888 says:

    If I ever fly again (which is highly unlikely at this point), I guess I'll just have to bind my breasts to keep these weirdos away.  Flat-chested never looked so good!

  2. cherwin
    cherwin says:

    I need to stay away from the airport for awhile. I can't believe what is going on. If they single me out I will lose it and end up in jail. No one is going to feel me up or shove their hand in my groin. It just isn't going to happen. Then to top it off, if you are middle eastern and wear that ridiculous garb, they are not allowed to feel inside it, only pat the head area down. What? Huh? Are you kidding me? HELLO- this is where you might find a bomb not in this lady's breast scar.

  3. Gerry-M
    Gerry-M says:

    I have been through airport security 6 times in the last month going to different parts of the country and only had to pass through the metal detector as before the new security measures, not the scanner or a pat down. But the last time I forgot to take off my watch and the the detector went off. I thought they would have scanned me with the hand held metal detector, but no, they checked my hands for bomb residue. I don't see the logic there. So far so good…

  4. sammy22
    sammy22 says:

    A hurricane in a teapot. Better be scanned/patted down than be reduced to wet debris in the atmosphere. But, then I always get patted down.

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