The term “illegal alien” is not racist

Referring to a term illegal alien – an accurate definition of one who enters and stays in a country illegally – is not racist. To do so significantly changes the definition of racism and does harm to individuals who are exposed to true bigotry and racism.

In this clip from O’Reilly last night on Fox – courtesy Jim Hoft of Gateway Pundit – Monica Novoa from the Applied Research Center can’t even bring herself to admit she wants open borders, but you know by her tone and inflection that’s what she wants … because it’s humane.

Novoa, a communication strategist and organizer, (that should tell you something right there) is spearheading (can I use that word?) a campaign entitled “Drop the I-word” encouraging people and the media to stop using the term illegal alien when referring to an undocumented worker. If she is successful, I guarantee the word “undocumented” will be next on her list of words to ban because in our current social climate, almost any word can be labeled as racist.

In Novoa’s fantasy land, if we officially replace “illegal” with “undocumented”, that step will be part of the equation to reduce racism and become a more humane culture. Yeah, OK … keep dreaming sister.


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  1. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    Illegal is illegal.? If the law said “arrest all Chinese aliens only” you might have a point, but this woman clearly wants open borders, which is the equivalent of the country having a hemorrhage.?
    If she want “humane” to be non racist, then what about the literal billions of non hispanics that also want to get into this country, but have geological barriers to doing so?? Just because about 80% of the illegals in this country come from Mexico (59%) and Latin/Central America (22%) ( doesn’t mean that it is a racist term.
    It is about legality, not race.? It is just another attempt to put critics of illegal immigration on the defense with baseless accusations of racism.

  2. VinnieMarotta
    VinnieMarotta says:

    Webster’s define’s illegal as “not according to or authorized by law,” and alien as “relating, belonging, or owing allegiance to another country or government.”? If something has a law authorizing it, as immigration does, and someone immigrates contrary to that authorizing law, then they are, by definition “illegally immigrating.”? If they are defined as aliens then they are “illegal aliens.”? Ipso facto.? Nothing racist involved nor inplied.? Had the exact same people?followed the proper authorizing law then they would be “legal aliens.”? Is that racist too?

  3. stinkfoot
    stinkfoot says:

    Would pre-documented leftist pawns work better?? Perhaps federally escorted extralegal block constituency draws a more accurate rhetorical bulls eye on them.
    The concurrent move to fast track same day registration for voting seems more than mere coincidence when one stops to consider the possibility that the regime may be catching the acrid stench of discontent among us in their victory tax garden and are likely looking to water that down by gaining access to cheap votes through outsourcing.? this would potentially award them an additional four years to continue looting the working class and building further permanent dependence on government for survival.

  4. gillie28
    gillie28 says:

    Just as well ET?returned to his/her (?) ?planet or there would be lawsuits.? Calling such a sweet, innocent who wandered into the US territory an llegal Alien indeed!? We could learn a? lot from Hollywood’s idea of “illegal aliens” :).

  5. Shared Sacrifice
    Shared Sacrifice says:

    We throw undocumented-shoppers (Winona Ryder) & undocumented-tax-payers (Wesley Snipes) in jail- why not treat illegals like illegals?? I’d like to have college kids picking my tomatoes- just so they’re not too uppety to take a job when they graduate.

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