The Republican budget alternative that wasn’t

On Thursday, Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) unveiled the Republican budget alternative to President Obama’s massive spending plan released days earlier. The press conference – seemingly in response to President Obama mentioning there was no Republican alternative on the table – was pretty much a joke.

boehner-presserThe video released on Boehner’s Republican leader blog (video below) seems to be the first three minutes of a press conference that went bad after the first three minutes.

At first I was hopeful when I saw Michelle Malkin’s post on Thursday afternoon, but then I noticed the physical budget, The Republican Road to Recovery, that was put together in hours; my guess in response to Obama mentioning the lack of a Republican alternative.

The “budget” is 19 pages.

The thing is so small I’ve got plenty of room to load it up to our Radio Vice Online server. If I presented this type of “budget” to my wife, I’d be laughed out of the room.


Standing before television cameras, Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio), Whip Eric Cantor (R-Va.), Conference Chairman Mike Pence (R-Ind.) and other members — including the top Republican on the Budget Committee Paul Ryan (Wis.) — couldn’t answer specific questions about their spending plan.

After weeks of promising a comprehensive alternative to the president’s budget that Republicans have painted as excessive, bloated and wasteful, Boehner was unable to provide specific information about their proposal.

His colleagues were unable to answer line-items questions as well. Boehner dismissed those details as “just a bunch of numbers.”

Even though aides insist that GOP leaders had no intention of releasing their full budget substitute, the press event was a public relations disaster.

“It looked like a disorganized blunder,” one GOP aide said. “It’s the worst messaging snafu at a time when the party can’t afford one.”

Nice one guys!

LGF calls it pathetic. Maybe the Republicans do not have the resources to put together a complete budget, but man, don’t be calling it a budget when it’s not a budget. Will conservative Republicans continue to let this stand? Should we expect more from the Republican National Committee?

AJ at Strata-Sphere now has some interesting commentary.


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  1. Darlene
    Darlene says:

    If the Republicans don't find there way back to the true conservative values (including fiscal conservatism), and I mean REALLY find their way back (not just talking points), we may as well say goodbye to Liberty and Justice for All.  I know that sounds dramatic, but that is exactly where we are headed.  I cannot give up hope because I would then have to give up on my country, but the Republicans are not helping.

  2. ryalso
    ryalso says:

    The depublicans and the remocrats…delicious ineptitude. Looks like they want to spread the wealth and the stupidity around.

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