The reasons for America’s cynicism – Bush’s fault again, of course

I rarely point to other posts without at least trying to add an original thought. But this most recent post by AP at Hotair is so well thought through and so well sourced that I do not really need not care to add anything.

To set it up, the gaffer in chief, in full campaign mode today (how is this day any different from all others with this guy H/T Passover) blamed America’s cynicism about everything Washington on who else but …

“We inherited a cynical republic, and I can’t blame them,” he said.

“Eight years of collapse, eight years of being misled about wars.” …

“They [Republicans] still believe cynicism will prevail, that the government can’t do anything, that we’re a bunch of socialists – all these things you hear. I think the healthcare debate put a big stake in the heart of that argument.”

Well actually, no. It’s you, Mr BFD and this administration that makes us cynical. We have become cynical because you campaigned on changing Washington’s evil ways and instead turned it into an art form. You promised jobs and instead we get phantom Congressional districts. You promised healthcare for all and instead we get another government entitlement that promises to do little more than speed up the bankruptcy train.

But it’s AP, who is far more articulate than I, who nails it. (Wait, can I say nail?)

Have a look at The One’s job approval dating back to inauguration day. 68/12 to start, as I read it, which was no doubt due in part to the huge relief many people felt at having Bush finally out of office. The new golden age of competence and clean government was about to be born, remember? If anything, the public cynicism inspired by Dubya made the idiotic rainbows-and-unicorns utopian message of Hopenchange that much easier to sell during the campaign.

I am not going to give it all away. AP included visual aids, including charts and graphs that tell the whole story. The post is not long, but worth memorizing, and maybe printing out.

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  1. donh
    donh says:

    Right Mr Biden. When my parents are forced off their insurance plan into medicare, and DIE   from  inadequate treatment….The first person I am going to blame is  BUSH. Tell it to the Devil Mr. Biden when you arrive at Hell's gate…..Blame all your sins on Bush and see if the gate keeper says go away I don't know who you are.

  2. winnifredthewoebegon
    winnifredthewoebegon says:

    Mr. BFD…Fabulous.

    I wake up more and more cynical about our government every day because of the abuses being heaped upon us by this administration.  Obama and Biden are two nuts on the same sundae.

    And would you believe that in talking about this bill with a liberal friend last night (I know…what AM I thinking???) she actually dragged DAN QUAIL out of her bag of tricks?  That's right:  he couldn't spell potato and he was next in line if anything happened to the president.  Relevance?  lol

  3. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    I'm cynical because these tools think that after 69 -70 years of mismanaging Medicare and Social Security (to name a few) into the ground (not to mention the comparatively trivial "cash for clunkers" program), they think they can run the health care insurance industry.  I am still not sure who even wrote this bill, inasmuch as the Democrat "leadership", the president and the Congress itself have no idea what is in it beyond talking points.   They didn't write it, they didn't read it and they are ignorant of the details in it.  Truly a sound basis for transforming legislation, no?


    They should be fertilizer salesmen, because everything they touch turns into, well, fertilizer.   But they would screw that up too.

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