The Party Of Southern White Men Update:Never mind!

Update: Leave it to Jim Geraghty to blow this one up. Not only does he point out that Williams was doing nothing mnore than parroting the Democrat talking point … their attempt at defining Republicans as “Rush Southerners” but uses numbers to back it up.

Please take the time to read so you may respond according in this blue state.

Er, no. The South amounts to 44 percent of the Republican House delegation, which means 56 percent has to come from somewhere else.

And that’s just looking at House districts. Examine these charts from CQ. McCain won 193 of the nation’s 435 congressional districts, including 49 that split their tickets to elect Democrats to the U.S. House. There are currently 178 Republicans in the House of Representatives. So a total of 227 House districts voted for either McCain, or a Republican House member, or both — in what everyone would agree was a fantastic year for Democrats.

First the subject at hand. Arlen Specter says the Republicans Party has become too right wing and cannot win elections in blue areas. So the question is. Does the Republican party need to moderate its stance on social issues or risk becoming “The Party of Southern White Men.”

Not my words … Juan Williams and to be honest, I resent the implications. His proof? An AP poll and the fact that “everyone says it’s so.” Not sure what poll he is talking about? Is it this one where they identified Democrats and Republicans? Let me know. In the meantime chew on this one a bit.


Senator Lindsey Graham thinks the Republicans need to moderate on social issues … but listen carefully. Only in states where it reflects the electorate.


So what do you think? Take the poll. It’s likely as accurate as the AP poll.

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  1. Dom Rosa
    Dom Rosa says:

    Why have the establishment Republicans, headed by George Schultz, failed to accept responsibility for having hand-picked G. W. Bush as their candidate? On 12 Oct. 2004, 9-11PM EDT, on the PBS program "Frontline," Schultz revealed that In April 1998, while W was visiting California, Schultz and others were so impressed by W that they urged him to run for president because, as Schultz said: "It seems to me that you have a good seat-of-the-pants for it." According to the narrator: "By the end of 1998, the money was rolling in." If I remember correctly, more than $70 million had been raised by the time W announced his candidacy. I firmly believe that John McCain would have won by a landslide in 2000, and the U.S. and the Republican party would be in much, much better shape today.

  2. Steve in Norfolk
    Steve in Norfolk says:

    If John McCain was a democrat he'd be a "traitor" not a "mavrick" – The only reason he had a chance of winning in '08 was beacuse of Sarah Palin.

    If republicans "moderate" they might as well all switch sides.

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