The Ignorant Fisherman

I play the music I play with a purpose. Sometimes its to point out the hypocrisy of politicians … sometimes its just to humble myself. Sometimes reverent, and sometimes irreverent. But the music … Bluegrass, Americana, Alt Country … is the music of America and speaks I think to our lives.

One such group … a favorite of many of the listeners is “Cadillac Sky”. This group hails from East Texas and they have a deep abiding faith in the Lord … His ability to heal the soul, body and mind.

This Connecticut blogger, who spreads the word of the Lord,  has noticed too … and I wanted to take a moment to point out his blog.

One song in particular that Jim often uses – that absolutely blesses my heart – is by the Blue Grass Americana group named Cadillac Sky. The song is called Sinners Welcome. This song starts off with a soft vocal melody:

One more night in the county jail
Ain’t nobody gonna make your bail
Behind these bars you’ll do your time
Got yourself 25 to life.

And the chorus:

Sinners Welcome, No man denied
Sinners Welcome, Save your soul tonight
Sin is the cause, Christ is the cure
Let the blood of the Lamb wash you pure
Sin is the cause, Christ is the cure
Together brothers we shall endure.

Just a simple little lyrical harmony, but one of great Eternal truth, value and hope! I truly wonder how many people who have heard this melodic phrase actually comprehend the magnitude and depth of how wonderful the truth that is found in this little melody.

Thank you Ignorant Fisherman,


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  1. Anne-EH
    Anne-EH says:

    Cadillac Sky is a group that have with the help from the Lord put His inspired Word to great music and by that, have witness for the both His glory and of the good news of the Gospel. 

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