The Biden Gaffe Machine

Starting with the most recent to the way back machine … here’s Joe unvarnished … unplugged.

I am sure I have missed some … and some I have no video for … but hey … you get the idea. The gaffe clock continues to roll.

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  1. Steve
    Steve says:

    Man, Joe really has a habit of shouting people down. Granted, some of the questions were confrontational, but geez, he really gets pointing and ensures that he clarifies his point – makes the people with the questions look "small."

    Of course, his answers are lies, but he certainly does it well.

    Specifically talking about the clean coal and the issue with his grades. Top of his class and the only one with a scholarship my ass.

  2. Bob_In_TN
    Bob_In_TN says:

    Virginia may have just tipped for McCain – thanks to Joe's 'senior moment' on clean coal. I live about 20 miles from the VA border and Biden is all the rage (I mean that in a bad way).
    Southwest Virginia just got news they cleared the final hurdles to get a multi-billion dollar "clean coal' plant. Coal is King here. Here's a link from the Bristol Herald-Courier

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