The American Jobs Act

Rather than wait for the bill to pass so I could see what is in it, I decided to spend some time reading President Obama’s proposal for job creation…you know, the one we have to pass now if we love him.  You can find the full text of the bill here.

After reading it, I now understand why, to date, no Democrat has offered to sponsor the bill.  It has all of the indicia of “Son of Stimulus”, so I doubt that any Democrat, particularly one running for office in 2012 would want his or her finger prints on it.  But, you be the judge of that.

The bill, among other things, proposes to spend:

  • $30 billion for Teacher Stabilization to prevent teacher layoffs (see page 13),
  • $5 billion for First Responder Stabilization to prevent law enforcement layoffs (see page 16)
  • $25 billion to modernize schools using only union labor, and with an emphasis on “green” (see page 16),
  • $2 billion on airport construction, using, of course only union labor (see page 23),
  • $27 billion on highway projects, using, of course, only union labor (see page 24),
  • $4 billion on intercity passenger rail (see page 26),
  • $3 billion on new buses (see page 26),
  • $2 billion for Amtrak (see page 27),
  • $6 billion to modernize fixed rail systems and bus stations (see page 28),
  • $5 billion on anything else the Secretary of Transportation can think of concerning surface transportation infrastructure (see page 29), and.
  • $15 billion for construction workers (union, of course) to refurbish vacant and foreclosed homes (see page 48).

In addition to that, the President includes $9 billion for even more jobs training programs…Reemployment NOW, Bridge to Work, and Pathways Back to Work (see  pages 79, 80 and 94).

Finally it includes a “lawyers relief act”, as apparently all bills must, which makes it unlawful to discriminate in the employment process just because someone is currently unemployed (see page 109).

Of course, all of this will be paid for by “taxing the rich” as Jim detailed in a post earlier.

I did not notice a Dodd/Frank Stabilization to prevent 30,000 Bank of America layoffs, but, perhaps that was just an oversight.

If you don’t care to read all the legalese, beginning at page 126 there is an analysis of the bill, written mostly in “people” that goes through the proposal section by section.  But, I warn you, the analysis ends on page 157, and the next numbered page is 199.

Maybe if the bill is passed we’ll see whats on pages 158 through 199.


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  1. EddiePerez
    EddiePerez says:

    I’ve always said ?”If ?it didn’t work the first time, try again.”

    Must be a good time to be a union worker.?? >:(

  2. Plainvillian
    Plainvillian says:

    Aren’t all these expenditures authorized by the 37th, 38th and 43rd amendments to the constitution?? What’s the problem?

  3. sammy22
    sammy22 says:

    Let’s see the Republican version. Maybe there are? some things on which both sides can agree. It could happen…….On the other hand we could just let the infrastructure of the country fall apart, or have the “private” sector step in and build public “structures”.

    • johnboy111
      johnboy111 says:

      maybe we could use all the taxes collected for road&bridges to fix roads&bridges??OH wait we use that money for some other social ill???

      • Anybody but Obama
        Anybody but Obama says:

        What you complaining about Crystal (August 25th) your president has been in charge 2 yrs 8 months, he could have pulled out of the wars and kept the money home for rebuilding infrastructure but he didn’t, instead, he has gone into Libya on his own without Congressional approval.?

  4. Anybody but Obama
    Anybody but Obama says:

    I thought we paid a tax on each gallon of gas or diesel thats suppose to take care of roads and bridges.

  5. Dottie
    Dottie says:

    Well, I worked in the banking industry for over 20 years and I know why those 30,000 jobs are an oversight…..I NEVER belonged to a union. ?As far as I know, there are NO union employees in any banks. ?He can’t buy those union votes if there is NO union.

    • Dimsdale
      Dimsdale says:

      So either the ?bama administration can’t or won’t protect union jobs?
      He’s buying jobs by showing that gov’t help requires unionization.? By design.?? You make SOS’s point.

  6. steve418r
    steve418r says:

    It is clear to me that this bill is just a lot of political posturing. Pandering to special interests, Jimmy Hoffa, and organized labor are foremost for this administration.

  7. Linda Mae
    Linda Mae says:

    Bill, what bill?? It can’t be a bill until it is filed.? Currently it is nothing more than political posturing.? If it was so vital to pass this bill, then someone should have filed it weeks ago.? Still BO blames republicans for this oversight.?
    Live the list of amendments – but , don’t you mean executive orders?

  8. Jeff S
    Jeff S says:

    When he touts “If you love me, help me pass the bill” we need to play the Olivia Newton John song from the 70’s “If you love me, let me know”

  9. RoBrDona
    RoBrDona says:

    Failure! Failure! Failure!
    It booms out like a foghorn on a rocky coast.?
    The ghost of Herbert Hoover smiles a bitter smile.
    Pols shiver and run screaming away.
    Failure! Failure! Failure!

    • Murphy
      Murphy says:

      If no one has any money then there are no Rich. If everyone has $0 there can not be any Poor, walla the great one has ridden us of poverty.

  10. Shared Sacrifice
    Shared Sacrifice says:

    Surprising, there’s no Obama money to buy those union workers brown shirts, jackboots, and billy clubs??? The clubs are for breaking your incandescent bulbs- of course!

  11. Common Man
    Common Man says:

    The last bullet point troubles me. Check out the link.
    $15 billion for construction workers (union, of course) to refurbish vacant and foreclosed homes (see page 48).
    Obama vows to end homelessness by 2014 through gov’t supplied housing at the taxpayers expense. Who wants a free home? Is the gov’t going to take possession of these vacant/foreclosed homes by eminent domain?

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