The Agenda Changes With The Party

Allah over at Hot Air has blogged about Wanda Sykes not so funny jabs at Dick Cheney, Sarah Palin’s daughter, and likening Rush Limbaugh to 9-11 hijackers. He has the video here. But it’s the left’s double standard that irritates me the most and not only does HA have video proving that point, so do we.

Hot Air quotes Ben Shapiro at Big Hollywood who writes about Sykes, “Well, apparently she’s not so proud to be gay. Because when given the opportunity to make jokes about the nation’s leading proponent of opposite-sex marriage, President Barack Obama, she said precisely nothing.”

HA adds this:

Eh, this is Clinton redux: Just as feminist outrage was muted then in the interest of serving the Democratic power structure, so is gay outrage muted now. In the great taxonomy of political identities, “Democrat” — the stamp of virtuous intentions — still trumps all.

Lest you need more proof … watch this video from CNN last Thursday on why the gay community is upset but not outraged that President Obama has not “come out” in full force for gay marriage.


Certain liberal causes are important to the left, but when its a Democrat President the message isn’t “yes we can”, it’s more like “we can wait.” Why? Seemingly no other reason than, it’s a Democrat. A message to the folks on the left … don’t be so sure President Obama’s in your corner. As the Wall Street folk have discovered, he is exactly who he says he is.