Thank you from SoundOffSister

Dear Friends,
Words alone cannot sufficiently describe how grateful I am for the outpouring of support I have received from you.  Your sympathy, condolences, prayers, and, yes, sometimes humor, are making a very difficult time less difficult.

Some of you I have met, either in person, or in the chat room.  Some of you I know because you have added comments to my posts.  Some of you I know as callers to Jim’s show.  And some of you I know only because of the kind words you have offered.  Whatever the source, I have gained enormous strength from what you have said.

My husband, Rip, and I had twenty wonderful years together, and I have twenty wonderful years of memories.  In those memories, Rip will always be with me.

I thank each of you for your compassion, and, each of you for helping me through a time of need.



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  1. Darlene
    Darlene says:


    I am so sorry to hear of your loss.  Please accept my delayed offer of condolences.  While support around you will help, I am sure you will have to find the strength within yourself to truly take steps without your treasured partner.  God bless you.  You have my prayers that your heart heals soon and you can take those steps and find happy days ahead.   DarleneE

  2. TomTGRWolcott
    TomTGRWolcott says:

    Sometimes it is the people you hardly know

    that may just offer the comfort one needs

    in difficult times…

    Marc and I send our Prayers

    We think fondly of you

    And you may call on one of us to tell a joke or two when you need a laugh!

    Good Night, and God Bless…

    (no for real cause like its 11:19pm at night and I am tired.)

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