Teen charged with felony weapons possession – fishing tackle box, knife in car

Yesterday we told you about the Arizona principal who told a cop he could not pick up or drop off his daughter while wearing a uniform and gun. Keeping with zero tolerance theme, a Georgia high school student has been charged with felony weapons possession on school grounds after cops found a fishing tackle box – with knifes – inside of his car.

Public schools seem to exist for indoctrination into the liberal/statists way. Think about it. What is perfectly normal behavior outside the school zone becomes a felony, misdemeanor or can get you expelled or suspended. Bring Advil to school to help with a headache? Suspended. Bring a keychain in the shape of antique pistol? Suspended. Make a gun shape with your fingers and say bang-bang? Suspended. Play with a couple of air-soft guns in your own yard? Expelled. Have a fishing knife in your car? Felony. Have a target shooting .22 rifle in your car? Expelled and Felony. Wear a T-shirt expressing your faith? Suspended.

There are hundreds of examples I could reference, but remember the point; this is indoctrination. They are using the public school system as re-education camps to ensure compliance with what the state “knows” is best for you and your kids. Completely normal behavior will be wiped from memories.

On to the story from the Marietta Daily Journal. Let’s note the 17-year-old student fisherman – who wants to join the Air Force after graduation – did not just have fishing knifes in the car. He had a spring-assisted knife and a butterfly knife in the car as well. Neither of those knives are illegal in Georgia.

Cody Chitwood, 17, is a senior at Lassiter High School, and an avid fisherman.

He went fishing at his favorite spot, Mountain Park off Highway 92 and Mabry Road several days before and left his two fishing poles and tackle box in his car.

Little did he know that Lassiter administrators would order a K-9 search of the parking lot on Sept. 17 and a dog would hit on his car.

The dog apparently picked up a scent of black powder because Chitwood also had several firecrackers in his trunk, left over from a Fourth of July celebration. That was enough for police to order a thorough search of his 1998 BMW 328i.

They found four knives, all of them with blades of at least 2.5 inches, according to the arrest warrant. Three of them, including a fillet knife and a spring-assisted knife, were inside his tackle box in the trunk. A butterfly knife was found inside the pocket of the driver’s side door.

The Daily Caller referred to the stuff as “fishing-related weaponry.” God, I hope that was in jest.

Why can’t school administrators and law enforcement use a little common sense here? People carry knives – including those evil spring-assisted ones – every day, to do every day kind of stuff. My carry knife is used every single day, sometimes multiple times per day. It’s a tool. But pass some imaginary line where “children need to be protected at all costs” and doing so becomes a felony?

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  1. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    The lefties are determined to make even the utterance of the word “gun” or “knife” or “NRA” etc., as blasphemous as the word “Jehovah” in Monty Python’s movie “The Life of Brian” ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MIaORknS1Dk ) in an attempt to brainwash (or is it re-educate) our children.
    Of course, the Pythons were making fun of extreme religious practices in ancient times (or modern times, if you consider many Muslim countries).? Lefties are practicing mindless political “correctness”? run amok.
    The funny thing is that they always claim that they are so intelligent.? Too bad the deeds don’t match the claim.

  2. Lynn
    Lynn says:

    This story just makes me want to weep. There are truly more important things to be done in this school to protect their students, instead of a avid fisherman. There is ?real bullying going on, there are students who are on add or adhd drugs who are ready to explode because they were misdiagnosed, there are kids abused by their parents who need to talk to a sane person, there are kids who are bored stiff by lousy teachers so they turn off education for the rest of their lives and there is outright stifling of different ideas because of ridiculous curriculum. A pox on this psuedoeducation.

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