Taxpayers subsidize border crossing assistance for illegal aliens

A new program put together by liberal whack-jobs at the University of California in San Diego will provide free GPS-enabled cell phones to illegal aliens prior to starting their border crossing. The phones will provide direction to watering holes during their journey and recite poetry on the way.

And the program is funded by taxpayer grants. I’d be surprised if it did not come out of the stimulus package. The story is over at the Mercury News with a hat tip to Malkin for the pointer.

Faculty at University of California, San Diego, are developing a GPS-enabled cell phone that tells dehydrated migrants where to find water — and also broadcasts poetry, regaling them on their journey much like Emma Lazarus’ words did a century ago to the “huddled masses yearning to breathe free” on Ellis Island.

The Transborder Immigrant Tool is part technology endeavor, part art project. It introduces a high-tech twist to an old debate about how far activists can go to prevent migrants from dying on the border without breaking the law. …

The designers, who have raised $15,000 from a UCSD grant and an art festival award, hope to hand out phones for free in Mexico. The phones sell used for about $30 apiece. It costs nothing to add the GPS software.

Distribution would be tightly controlled by migrant shelters and advocacy groups to keep them away from anti-illegal immigration activists. The migrants would need passwords to use them.

If a private group wants to get out there and provide water stations to help people stay alive, I’m perfectly fine with that. But pre-arranged organized activity to provide material support to those trying to enter the United States illegally … well … would be illegal would it not?

The article notes hundreds die each year trying to cross the border through the desert. Why are law enforcement agencies refusing to charge these migrant shelters and advocacy groups with murder? The Border Patrol saves lives when they find illegal aliens about to die, but these groups are the ones killing people.

The group has published verses to be played on the phone’s “Global Poetic System.”

One poem reads, “May your tracks cut the shortest distance between points A and B.”

Maybe they could get Al Gore to read the poems?

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  1. PatRiot
    PatRiot says:

    Yes, they are accessories to the crime.  Better that they support INS reform, bring these folks over legally, and support them through the naturalization process.

    And why isn't the ACLU doing 2 things: 1.  Speaking out that allowing illegals is tantamount to encouraging / establishing slavery and a new economic sub class. 

    2.  Bringing charges against these law breaking US citizens.

    Is the ACLU waiting to do battle with the law abiding, peaceful protestors whom are speaking in FAVOR of civil liberties?

    We need to pull a page from thier own book.  We need to think about breaking the unconstitutional laws.  Then when tried, reestablish the rule of Constitutional law.

    Stand up or be stepped on.

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