Take A Pay Cut … Save A Job

Governor Rell has told Connecticut Prison Guards  the state can’t afford the pay raise the state has agreed to pay them and wants them to pass on it. It’s not likely to happen.

Legislators say it’s unlikely to happen this year because Democrats, who traditionally support state-employee unions, hold two-thirds of the seats in the Senate and more than two-thirds in the House.

But it’s not just Connecticut. I never got to this piece of sound this week … so let’s do it now. In Feyette County, Georgia, officials are asking teachers to take a pay cut to avoid layoffs. More here.


I am not a fan of this kind of budget cutting. But maybe you are. Maybe you can convince me it’s the only way. Take the poll and leave a comment.

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  1. Mark
    Mark says:

    Of course I would give up a raise or even take a paycut to avoid layoffs…and I work for the state.  At least where I'm at, we've been bare-boned since the 2003 layoffs.

    • rperezwyd
      rperezwyd says:

      I've worked for the state for 17yrs. and the last time we gave up our raises the state still layed off workes. If the state has to layoff because I didnt give up my raise they will get there jobs back within time, we hire 300 to 400 a year so I suggest you get your facts straight, we have been taken by the state over and over again It stops here.

  2. Linda Mae
    Linda Mae says:

    As a teacher, I have accepted   pay freezes and also have been furloughed with no pay for several  days in an attempt to save money for the system.  Members of the Board worked for companies which did neither. 

    Also, remember that Sarah Palin has loudly rejected the pay raise she was given.  Her comment was that it was unfair for her to accept it in the light of our economy.  She also has her new budget on line for voters to review.  She explained the cuts she intends to make and the programs she intends to support and why.  It's good reading on the Alaska state site.  Check it out.

  3. Erik from WH
    Erik from WH says:

    It depends. If I worked at a place where I saw a lot of fat and waste I would not take a cut so that others can keep their jobs.  If It meant that the enterprise would suffer greatly to have some cuts in employees then I would certainly take a pay cut.

    In the case of CT there is TONS of union fat growing and festering in the in the state rolls. Go after that fat. The argument that it will create unemployment and stress the unemployment insurance fund is insane.  Tell these unions to get stuffed and fire these people.


    • rperezwyd
      rperezwyd says:

      thanks eric, your right our deputy wardens recives a 15% pay raise last year, I have 17yrs and have not recieved a raise in yrs. we max out at 11yrs so I go 9yrs with a pay raise, but you didnt know that. The cost of liveing went up 11.5% last year sorry but give me my raise or something!!!

  4. Wayne SW
    Wayne SW says:

    I agree with Eric.   I would add that the type  jobs that many of these related workers perform,  were never the types of jobs I have held.  I cannot relate to Sheeple job performance.  When the skills to perform a job have much in common, it is difficult to differentiate between them.  I can understand people willing to give up a little to help the others.  I cannot understand why people settle for jobs where they will get lumped into the sameness in skill set. 

    I would suggest those type workers develop a skill set that is not a commodity and raise yourself above the common-ness type of employment.

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